What's the biggest threat to marriage?

What's the biggest threat to marriage? August 11, 2011

You’re looking at it.

Internet use — and misuse — is straining marriages more than ever in at least one country, according to a new report:

The Catholic Church’s  marriage counselling service says the misuse of the internet is the fastest-growing cause of marital difficulty in Ireland.

ACCORD’s annual report for 2010 showed that while the number of people listing internet usage as a factor in their difficulties only accounted for a small number of the total complaints, it was still the fastest-growing area of concern.

The number of marriages citing internet misuse as a cause for conflict increased by 20 per cent in the last year, and by 125 per cent since ACCORD began recording stats on it in 2007.

The report, being launched this lunchtime, elsewhere found that there had been a year-on-year decrease in the number of couples seeking marriage preparation courses – reflecting the reductions both in the number of marriages, and in the growing number of alternative providers.

The service’s 800 counsellors offered 43,000 hours of counselling last year, its highest figure to date. The number of couples seeking its marriage counselling service was up by 8 per cent on last year.

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One response to “What's the biggest threat to marriage?”

  1. The real issue in this mix is porn on the web. Of course that was one of the things which Pope Paul VI predicted would come out of wide spread use of birth control in Humane Vitae. What grand proof of the amazing grace given to the Catholic Pope successor to Peter. Anyone who doubts the Pope should look at America in 1967 compared to today while reading this encyclical. The Church needs to dust it off and reissue it making it mandatory to have it taught in every parish.

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