Holy Toledo: 9 to be ordained today in Ohio

Holy Toledo: 9 to be ordained today in Ohio September 17, 2011

The diocesan paper doesn’t appear to have anything about this, but the local secular press does:

Nine men from throughout the 19-county Toledo Catholic Diocese will be ordained as deacons Saturday by Bishop Leonard Blair in a Mass at Rosary Cathedral.

Msgr. William Kubacki, director of formation for the permanent diaconate, said this is the diocese’s first class of deacons since 2008 because the program was placed on hiatus after the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops enacted new rules in 2008.

“This will be the first class to be ordained under these new guidelines,” Monsignor Kubacki said, adding the next class of deacon candidates will be ordained in 2013.

Deacon candidates undergo a five-year training process, or formation, starting with a year of inquiry, a year as an aspirant, and three years of candidacy.

Their training focuses on four pillars of formation established by the USCCB: human, spiritual, intellectual, and pastoral dimensions.

The importance of the deacons’ role in the church is evident by the fact they hold one of only three positions in the church that receives the sacrament of Holy Orders, along with priests and bishops, Monsignor Kubacki said.

Deacons can perform baptisms and officiate at marriages, assist the bishop and priests with the celebration of the Eucharist including the proclamation of the Gospel and giving homilies, and preside at funerals. Deacons cannot celebrate Mass, hear confessions, or anoint people.

How much a deacon does in a parish or other setting depends largely on the pastor, Monsignor Kubacki said.

“I would think the pastor would use them quite regularly in parish life,” he said.

The nine diaconate candidates, who range from their 40s to their 60s, and the parishes to which Bishop Blair has appointed them are: Robert Fedynich, Blessed Sacrament Church in Toledo; Gerald Galernik, All Saints, Rossford; Armando Gonzales, St. Michael, Findlay; Jon Gottron, St. Augustine, Napoleon; Donald Inkrott, St. John the Baptist, Glandorf; Edward Maher, St. Thomas More, Bowling Green; John Reef, St. Peter, Mansfield; Melvin Shell, St. Joseph, Fremont, and John Walter, SS. Patrick & Andrew, Bascom.

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My prayers are with you, brothers.  I hope to post pictures, if someone sends them along …

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7 responses to “Holy Toledo: 9 to be ordained today in Ohio”

  1. The article says the USCCB “enacted new rules in 2008” that caused the formation program to be put on temporary hold. What are the “rules” being referenced here?

  2. Ron:

    Perhaps some timelines might be helpful:

    –The Diocese of Toledo ordained its first deacons in 1972. For many years, new classes were started each Fall and at first two and then three classes we in process at the same time and a new class of ordinands were available each year.

    The diocese’s last class before this one started in Fall 2005 and they were ordained in September 2008.

    –This class started in Fall 2008 and were ordained today.

    –The 2005-2008 class used a curriculum and a faculty staffing policy that had been in place in the diocese for some time but was considerably different from the one approved in the “National Directory for the Formation, Ministry, and Life of Permanent Deacons in the United States” published in 2005.

    –Then, as you can tell, The Diocese suspended the program for a while. There was no class running from 2006-2009; nor a class running from 2007 – 2010.

    –During that hiatus, the Deacons Office of the Diocese totally re-worked the curriculum; totally restaffed the instructional faculty; and totally revised the pre-screening process — all of which were now brought completely in line with the requirements of the National Directory.

    Perhaps it would have been better to say that this class — which starting in Fall 2008 — represented the first class processed in those newer rules. The changes were ordered by the USCCB way before then but they took some time to implement in a way the the ordinary of the diocese thought satisfactory.

  3. I hope folks send in pictures — the Cathedral of Our Lady, Queen of the Rosary, is among the most beautiful churches in the USA.

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