What does the SSPX think about permanent deacons? Not much

What does the SSPX think about permanent deacons? Not much September 5, 2011

In the combox for another post, media maven and blogger Deacon Keith Fournier left the comment below.  I posted on this issue back at my old place, Beliefnet, two years ago, but it’s worth a reminder:

Dear Deacon Greg:

I pray for healing with the SSPX and welcome the efforts of Pope Benedict XVI, the Pope of christian unity. However, my brother deacon, as you know, they do not have room in their ecclesiology for you and me.

Here is an excerpt where they assign all married men ordained to the Order of Deacon to the state of having excommunicated ourselves:


“These deacons, of course, are in good faith.2 They do not know that by an imprescriptible law, they have incurred the penalty of major excommunication, from which they cannot be delivered until they either abandon their wives, or agree to be reduced to the lay state. Moreover, they live in the lay state, in a state of ambiguity which allows clerics to cast off the outward sign of their consecration the very day they have solemnly put it on. The new priests have taught the new deacons that it is normal to lay away in the closet, as a symbol too embarrassing to be worn, the sacred garment that separates its wearer from the world. Yet the Councils of Agde (France), in 506 AD, and of Constantinople (Quinisext), in 692 AD, voted a decree of excommunication (which seems never to have been abrogated), against clerics in major orders who fail to wear clerical garb. This rule has been so universally recognized that even Pope Paul VI felt it necessary to remind them of this obligation.”

“The Catholic bishops, moreover, are practicing a deliberate deception in the rite of ordination they use for married clerics, for they follow the solemn ceremony reserved to clerics who bind themselves to celibacy.”

More at the link where they even refuse to send materials to permanent deacons:


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