Prayer request for a deacon …

Prayer request for a deacon … November 4, 2011

This came across my Facebook feed tonight, regarding a deacon from Omaha.  Please hold this man and his family in your prayers:

URGENT: Please keep Deacon Rob Jergovic and family in your prayers. Rob suffered a heart attack this past weekend. He had 5x bypass. But did not recover well from it. He is in critical condition and now its affecting his liver and kidneys. They have just adopted two little girls from China less than a year ago, and were going to be leaving in a few weeks to adopt a third little girls 6 yrs old who is deaf. He has 5 other children. The family is a beautiful and devout family and Rob is a very prayerful man-prayer warrior with a great love for Blessed Mother. He shared with his wife his concern for these little girls esp. the one they are trying to bring home, and now not being able to make the trip with his condition.

If you feel called to offer prayer or sacrifice for him, please with gratitude we ask you for them. Please circle this around and let this family witness the love of His Christian family.

Spread the word.  Whisper a prayer.  Light a candle.  Finger your beads.  Pray for healing, and health, and hope.

If anyone hears more, please let me know.

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23 responses to “Prayer request for a deacon …”

  1. I will pray for him and his family. I’ve also sent this posting to my email list of clergy and others in my diocese, asking for their prayers for our brother.

  2. We have him on our parish prayer line and have also sent this to a friend in Lincoln (Nebraska) as well as a friend whose husband is an elder in the “Boots N Saddle Cowboy Church in Gatesville “By God” Texas.” All are good pray-ers.

  3. Rob was in my diaconate formation class. He is an amazing man, deacon, and father. His family is holding up very well, but they know that they need a miracle right about now. They are asking that ANYONE who has access to prayer warriors please include him. God Bless!

  4. I will lift Deacon Rob and his family up in my daily prayers… the Great Physician God. Blessings to all

  5. It is so reassuring to know that Deacon Rob is covered in prayer well beyond the boundaries of Omaha, Nebraska. May God grant a miracle to one who has done so much good and has so much yet to do.

  6. Deacon Robert needs all you can give at this moment. His condition has worsened and by Gods grace is hanging on. The world needs Robert Jergovic.

  7. Heavenly Father—through the powerful intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary touch your hand to Deacon Rob’s heart, liver and kidneys and heal him if it be your Holy will. Thank you Father and please give the grace of courage to his wonderful family…………..Amen

  8. 1. pray for the planted churches through my preachings
    2. pray for our vulnerable orphans and widows association of congo
    3.pray for the partor,s seminars we do in fellowship baptist church of congo which is a young church.
    4.pray for us to get teaches who can come and train our pastors and other church leaders.
    5.pray for the election in our country.
    6.remember us your evangelical program and church leaders training
    Bear with my poor english from lubumbashi town in the DRcongo.

  9. Robert and his family are in my prayers and in my heart. This family has been in my life for years. They are strong. They are loving. They give to the church and all that surround them. Right now is our chance to give back to them by sending love and prayers to them. We are praying for a miracle right now.

  10. I am praying for the elections in Congo. Please pray for Oscar, who is running for election. Thank you.

  11. Robert is still with us and in need of a miracle. God bless Robert and his family, God is on your side and always will be.

  12. The world lost an amazing man today. He has left this life in pursuit of our dreams. As his son, I appreciate everything and every prayer that was spoken or thought. I am flattered at how many people reached out to us during this tough time. I lost my father today but I gained both knowledge and faith seeing who he was to so many people. I hope that one day I can even be a fraction of the father he was to me. Again thank you all.

    I love you dad and I always will

  13. I am so sad to hear of Deacon Rob’s passing!!! May his entry to Heaven be quick and sure and may God give comfort to his family.

    It is so difficult to deal with when a good man goes—————

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