Prayer request for a deacon …

Prayer request for a deacon … November 4, 2011

This came across my Facebook feed tonight, regarding a deacon from Omaha.  Please hold this man and his family in your prayers:

URGENT: Please keep Deacon Rob Jergovic and family in your prayers. Rob suffered a heart attack this past weekend. He had 5x bypass. But did not recover well from it. He is in critical condition and now its affecting his liver and kidneys. They have just adopted two little girls from China less than a year ago, and were going to be leaving in a few weeks to adopt a third little girls 6 yrs old who is deaf. He has 5 other children. The family is a beautiful and devout family and Rob is a very prayerful man-prayer warrior with a great love for Blessed Mother. He shared with his wife his concern for these little girls esp. the one they are trying to bring home, and now not being able to make the trip with his condition.

If you feel called to offer prayer or sacrifice for him, please with gratitude we ask you for them. Please circle this around and let this family witness the love of His Christian family.

Spread the word.  Whisper a prayer.  Light a candle.  Finger your beads.  Pray for healing, and health, and hope.

If anyone hears more, please let me know.

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