America’s next top model: a little boy with Down syndrome

America’s next top model: a little boy with Down syndrome January 5, 2012

This is something wonderful to behold.

From AdWeek:

One young man is making great strides in the modeling world despite what many might see as a significant impediment—he has Down syndrome. His name is Ryan, and he appears on page 9 of the new Target circular, just a few months after making an appearance in the Nordstrom catalog. A blog called Noah’s Dad, written by the father of a different boy with Down syndrome, posted the Target ad this week and lauded the retailer for being seamlessly inclusive without drawing attention to itself. “This wasn’t a ‘Special Clothing For Special People’ catalog,” he writes. “There wasn’t a call out somewhere on the page proudly proclaiming that ‘Target’s proud to feature a model with Down syndrome in this week’s ad!’ And they didn’t even ask him to model a shirt with the phrase ‘We Aren’t All Angels’ printed on the front. In other words, they didn’t make a big deal out of it. I like that.”

Read more. And check out the blog Noah’s Dad, too.

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9 responses to “America’s next top model: a little boy with Down syndrome”

  1. Hey thanks for posting this – i have been able to forward it to three different families who have a similar experience of Downs in the family – and one of them in particular is absolutely delighted to see this. She just told me it has ‘made her week’….. keep up the good work!!

  2. Times have changed and here the Post-Vatican Church (and society in general) is a lot more hunan/humane than earlier generations.

    A story, dating back to the 1950’s, can be told about a family who built a fairly large and very modern ranch house directly across the street from a complex that the Archdiocese of Cincinnati had purchased and where it was building a new parish church/school.

    The yard of that home was very wide but not very deep — in fact the back fence edged up against a small cliff of sorts. The view to the west was gorgeous but very dangerous for small children.

    That family only had one child. She was a Downs-Child who had lived past toddler-hood (VERY rare in those “Pre-Vatican II” days). So the father built a small — almost vacation-cabin-sized — mini-home which matched the architectural style of the main house. That was “her-house” and she could go out there anytime she wanted and she stayed overnight in “her-house” fairly regularly. The parents did not entertain in the main-house that often but when they did, that was when the daughter stayed over-night in “her-house.”

    The child and her parents have long since died. Recently the deacon of that parish and I had supper together and I told him the story of that house and family. He knew exactly which house it was and both the main house and “her-house” still stand. He had often wondered about the oddity of that small cute but very modern mini-home on the large side yard.

    I cannot help but wonder how much the effort of the late Rose Kennedy — the President’s Mother — had a role to play in changing our attitudes toward the seriously developmentally disabled.

  3. Ryan is an adorable little boy. I commend Target and Nordstrom’s for giving him this opportunity. I wish Ryan much happiness and success. God bless him!

  4. I’m Noah’s Dad…the one who posted the story you mentioned. Thanks so much for posting this. I hope all of these children will have a chance at life. 🙂

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