Taking the leap: a prayer for Leap Day

Taking the leap: a prayer for Leap Day February 29, 2012

From a woman deacon in the Church of England website comes this pithy prayer for this special day, geared to those who have decided to take the leap and get married:

On hearing of an engagement

God of love, please bless N and N
as they prepare for the commitment of marriage.
May the plans for the wedding not overtake
the more important preparation
for their lifetime together.
Please bless their family and friends
as they prepare for this special day
and may your blessing be upon them now and always.


The BBC explains:

The prayer has been taken from “Pocket Prayers of Blessing,” by the Venerable Jan McFarlane, Archdeacon of Norwich.

She said 29 February was a popular day to get engaged with women traditionally “allowed” to propose to men.

Ms McFarlane said: “My hope is that this new pocket book will help us to bring God’s blessing into every situation.

“And that it will help us to remember that through good times – and bad – God is always there beside us.”

Ms McFarlane, 47, was first female archdeacon ever appointed to the Diocese of Norwich and took up her post in 2008.

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