Ordination update: 11 new deacons in New York

Ordination update: 11 new deacons in New York June 29, 2012

From Catholic New York:

Eleven men arrived at a common junction June 23 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Each lay prostrate on the altar while their families prayed for them. Rising, they took their final steps together before each would depart again on a separate road to a common destination. But each would now travel forward, in Cardinal Dolan’s words, “as an ordained minister of the Church. ”

“Every journey in life has a beginning and an end,” Cardinal Dolan said in his homily just before each man knelt before him to promise their respect and obedience. “Now my brother deacons, soon to be, we celebrate with you, where you come from and where you are going. He called you and designated you on this journey and now he seals this today in the sacrament of holy orders.”

“You are made a deacon to continue that journey,” the cardinal explained. “You come from God and you are going back to him as a deacon. And you are going to remind us through your vocation that we come from God and we are destined to return to him for all eternity.”

Read the rest, along with the names of the newly ordained, right here.

Ad multos annos! Congratulations and welcome, brothers!

For those interested: listen to Cardinal Dolan’s excellent and enthusiastic homily by clicking the green arrow below.

[audio:http://wp.patheos.com.s3.amazonaws.com/blogs/deaconsbench/files/2012/06/Diaconate-Ordination-06.23.mp3|titles=Diaconate Ordination – 06.23]

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