Maryland bill would allow citizens to pick their own gender

Maryland bill would allow citizens to pick their own gender February 23, 2013

From my home state, some facepalm-inducing legislation, courtesy Mark Shea: 

Senate Bill 449 would remove male and female as the two forms of being human and replace that with a self-determined gender identity. According to the bill: “GENDER IDENTITY” MEANS A GENDER–RELATED IDENTITY, APPEARANCE, EXPRESSION, OR BEHAVIOR OF AN INDIVIDUAL REGARDLESS OF THE INDIVIDUAL’S ASSIGNED SEX AT BIRTH. In other words, under this bill, men can claim a female identity and must be allowed into women’s restrooms and locker rooms. Businesses cannot prevent employees from dressing as another gender at work.

For an inside picture of transgenderism, read this story of a former transgender person.

This bill, SB 449, deceptively titled “Fairness for All MarylandersLink, would make it illegal to discriminate based on “Gender Identity“. Gender Identity Disorder, also known as Transgenderism and historically considered a mental disorder, is being recategorized in the new manual on mental health. . Link and Link. While individuals who suffer from gender confusion should be treated with compassion, their confusion should not be codified into law as normal.

This bill

  • gives no protection to women in public bathrooms and locker rooms;
  • does not have any stipulations about confirming a person’s “gender identity”, beyond that person’s than personal claim.
  • provides no “common sense” guidelines to protect businesses from arbitrary gender claims and change
  • opens the door for children to be taught in schools that they can decide their own gender, as has happened in Massachusetts, where the non-discrimination requirement allows [activists] to freely push that agenda in all grades, including: transgender-themed books, classroom assignments, assemblies, and diversity training.. Link
  • changes gender based on objective genetics to subjective self-perception

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