Radio stations begin playing 24/7 Christmas music…NOW?!

Radio stations begin playing 24/7 Christmas music…NOW?! October 6, 2013

This makes my head hurt: 

For the past several years, Central New Yorkers have come to expect all-Christmas music to hit the radio on November 1.  This year, a new record — as of late Saturday night, October 5 — there are two FM frequencies where you can hear holiday hits around the clock.  ”Holly-FM” is up and running at 95.3 in Syracuse, and 103.9 in Oswego…

…Syracuse-based WOLF Radio, Inc. announced the new format tonight, citing “retail trends that begin the holiday shopping season.”  While the station didn’t cite any specific examples, holiday items are already on display in some stores, and one major national retailer generated some buzz for launching its first round of Christmas ads last month.  The announcement describes the station as a venue “where retailers and consumers can tune in to modern and traditional holiday songs as a soundtrack to enhance the holiday experience.”

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