Ka-ching: the cost of married priests

Ka-ching: the cost of married priests April 28, 2014

Fr. Dwight Longenecker, married with children, crunches the numbers:

Many Catholics have no idea in the world what a priest is paid. Many imagine that we all take a vow of poverty and that we live day by day on faith. Some think the bishop pays us. He doesn’t; the parish pays according to guidelines issued by the diocese.

Most celibate priests in American dioceses do pretty well. Here’s a rough guide to what he gets: 1. A base annual stipend of about $30,000. 2. Social Security payments: $5,000 3. Retirement plan: $9,000 4. Health Insurance: $20,000.

OK. The celibate priest already costs about $65,000.

Added to this, the priest usually has a car, phone and personal computers provided. Then remember the parish provides housing, utilities and usually groceries. Most priests also have a parish credit card to use for “hospitality and sundry expenses.” Some diocese stipulate that the parish should also pay all health co-pays and complete dentistry costs. If the priest is in a large, wealthy parish his house may be in a posh part of town, his car may very well be not just a set of wheels, but a very nice car. For the most part no one will check up on the “expenses” he claims or the things he purchases on the credit card.

…There are other factors: in our own case, I have an extra income through my writing and speaking and Mrs Longenecker has started her own business. With the freedom to do some extra work on the side and a wife who works, most married men who want to be priests would be able to manage easily.

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That all sounds in line with what I’ve been told from priests in other parts of the country—and a fellow I know in one archdiocese told me the annual cost, for one priest in his area, is actually closer to 100k.

All of which makes the financial argument against a married priesthood moot.   There are many other reasons for insisting on celibacy for priests. But cost isn’t one of them.

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