Reconciliation Monday at St. Francis of Assisi

Reconciliation Monday at St. Francis of Assisi March 30, 2015


I dropped by one of my favorite churches in Manhattan, St. Francis of Assisi, for confession today, “Reconciliation Monday.”  The church is open for confessions every day, at all hours, but there was a line today anyway—about 20 people when I arrived at 5 p.m.  Four confessionals were open, so things moved quickly.

I was done by 5:30, and after spending some time in prayer (and doing my penance—which, considering my sins, was pretty tame, frankly)I took a brief stroll to snap some pictures.

I have fond memories of this church from my early days in New York nearly 30 years ago, and it remains my favorite place to go to celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation. The friars are unfailingly patient, attentive, and merciful. They radiate the peaceful charism of their founder. They also maintain one of the most venerable and enduring charities in New York City, the St. Francis Breadline, which distributes sandwiches and coffee every morning to those in need. God love ’em.







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