Marching for life in Queens

Marching for life in Queens May 16, 2015


This morning, my parish hosted once again the great Msgr. Philip Reilly and his remarkable apostolate Helpers of God’s Precious Infants. The turnout was small—a couple dozen people—but it was a drizzly, miserable morning. Mass began at 7:45, celebrated by my pastor, Bishop Paul Sanchez, and then we all headed out the door and down Queens Boulevard to pray outside a nearby abortion clinic.


A sign of hope: the original location of the clinic has changed; evidently, the clientele just isn’t there. What used to be prominently located on a main thoroughfare of the Forest Hills business district is now housed on the fourth floor of an apartment building. Access is more difficult. It’s harder to find. We didn’t see anyone entering or leaving while we were there.

Prayers work.





Meantime, please remember in your prayers Msgr. Reilly, whose sister died this past week. He’s headed to Ohio this afternoon to celebrate her funeral Mass. He remains as tireless and passionate as ever. Despite bouts with skin cancer, and the usual encroachments of age—he’s 81—he continues to travel the world preaching the peaceful and prayerful Gospel of Life.

We all agreed: with the neighborhood abortion clinic struggling to stay in business, it would be a blessing if he never had to come lead a march through our corner of Queens again. Let us pray!


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