Visiting the Little Sisters in Queens

Visiting the Little Sisters in Queens May 27, 2015

Wednesday evening, I was invited out to Queens Village to lead a Holy Hour and Benediction for the Little Sisters of the Poor.  I took the opportunity afterward to stroll the grounds, which have some unusual areas for prayer and contemplation, even at night.





This statue of the Holy Family struck me for a couple of reasons: the family is young and they actually look happy.



Many thanks to Sister Regina, who extended a gracious welcome, and all the Little Sisters who made my visit so warm and memorable. Several sisters told me they are regular and enthusiastic readers of The Bench—which means I will now happily consideer them as FOTB (Friends of The Bench). One can never have too many nuns for friends.


The Mother Superior cheerfully told me they have four women making their profession next month. And why not? These gals rock.  St. Jeanne Jugan, pray for us!

UPDATE: Some may remember I paid the Little Sisters a visit last year. My report from then can be found here. And the good sisters even mentioned it on their own blog last fall.

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