Coming to TV this Halloween: “Exorcism: Live!”

Coming to TV this Halloween: “Exorcism: Live!” July 30, 2015


A better title might be “Exploitation: Live!”  BYOPS (Bring Your Own Pea Soup).

Details from The Los Angeles Times:

Destination America is looking to instill a little more fright — and a few less spirits — into viewers this Halloween with “Exorcism: Live!” Yes, it’s a real show. On television. And it’s not a parody.

Just as the title implies, the network, which boasts programming such as “Mountain Monsters” and “Paranormal Survivor,” will be hosting the first ever televised live exorcism on Oct. 30 by visiting the St. Louis home that inspired William Peter Blatty’s 1971 novel and William Friedkin’s 1973 horror film, “The Exorcist.”

So, who they gonna call? The cast of the cable network’s series “Ghost Asylum,” the Tennessee Wraith Chasers and psychic medium Chip Coffey will serve as the ghostbusting crew at the Exorcist House — where the infamous ritual originally took place on the young Roland Doe in 1949 — in an attempt to rid of the lurking spirits in the home.

The spooky spectacle isn’t limited to one screen either (#iknowright?!). Destination America, an offshoot of Discovery Communications, will also post live feeds from vantage points throughout the house on its website, allowing viewers to track and tweet any anomalies they witness too.

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Truth be told, it doesn’t sound like an actual exorcism; there’s no mention of the Catholic Church (thankfully) or any one person being diabolically possessed—though someone may want to look into what has taken hold of the producers who thought up this stunt.

We seem to be demon-fixated these days, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised at crap like this.  Beyond that: I can’t help but think the people involved here are asking for trouble. If you go looking for demons, you just might find them.

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