Welcoming “Flat Francis” to Florida

Welcoming “Flat Francis” to Florida July 20, 2015


This email landed in my in-box yesterday:

Pope Francis is coming to America for the first time in September. Since Catholic Extension has been supporting the Catholic Church in America for 110 years, we want you to help us show him the face of American Catholicism.

Take a photo with this cutout of Pope Francis and submit it via Facebook or post it on Twitter/Instagram with the hashtag #FlatFrancis!

Anyone can participate! We want to see selfies, families, youth groups, campus ministries, church ministries, choirs, service projects—just share your experience of the Catholic Church! We will post the photos on our website and social media channels and we will also send a collage of all the photos to Pope Francis.

Be creative and share #FlatFrancis with your church and on your own social networks. Let’s show Pope Francis how excited we are for his arrival in America!

Some choice pictures from Flat Francis’ travels:




Since arriving in Orlando, Flat Francis has wasted no time getting to know the locals.



Want to join in? Visit this link to get your own Flat Francis cut-out. And check out the gallery at this page to see more of Flat Francis’ adventures.

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