A priest writes: ‘I started crying, right there in front of hundreds of people…’

A priest writes: ‘I started crying, right there in front of hundreds of people…’ August 18, 2018

Late today, a friend on Facebook noted that his priest got choked up tonight during the consecration at Mass — an example, perhaps, of the toll the present crisis is taking on our clergy.

Along those lines, I got this email from a priest friend tonight:

The grand jury report was a part of my homily. Overall, I spoke of our need for perspective and commitment. I started off by saying, as you did, what a rough week it has been. And then, OMG, out of nowhere, I lost it. Started crying, right there in front of hundreds of people. I couldn’t speak. A combination of anger and upset. Once I regained composure I quoted the epistle about these being days of evil and not being a drunkard. “Yes, these are days when we again have been exposed to great evil. Several martinis were had this week.”  They laughed, thank goodness. “And on top of all the horrible news in the Church, what made it an even worse week was the passing of Aretha Franklin.” They roared, I think out of emotional release.  “Using her immortal words, let us resolve that we refuse to let any chain of fools steal the R-E-S-P-E-C-T our beloved Church deserves.”  So corny, I know, but they applauded.

God love him.

Pray for our priests. They need our prayers—now, more than ever.

When you can, tell them “Thank you.” If you see a priest at the local diner, pick up his tab. Buy him a beer. Give him a hug. Take him out to dinner. Slip a thank-you card into his mailbox at the rectory. Remind him he is loved, and then remind him again.

We too often take these men for granted. Don’t. Every good, faithful priest is a blessing. Remember that.

Our Lady, Queen of the Clergy, pray for our priests, and pray for us.

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