Shock: screaming man disrupts live EWTN Mass

Shock: screaming man disrupts live EWTN Mass November 4, 2018

You can see the video below.

AP reports:

A screaming man has interrupted the live, televised mass on a global Catholic network.

The unidentified man yelled “this is it!” and profanities as a priest lifted the chalice during EWTN Global Catholic Network’s live mass Sunday morning from its studios in Irondale, Alabama.

The top of his head could be seen approaching the altar, but much of what he said was unintelligible. After a brief pause, the service continued.

From EWTN:

“On Sunday, November 4th during the 7:00 a.m. live televised Mass on EWTN, an individual caused a disturbance in the chapel and attempted to approach the altar. The man was immediately removed from the chapel by EWTN security personnel. He was subsequently detained by the Irondale Police Department and a trespass warning was issued. No one was injured and the Mass continued without further incident. We ask that our EWTN family keep this individual in their prayers.”

I have to say: The priest, the Rev. Wade Menezes, did an exceptional job of maintaining his composure during what must have been a terrifying moment. Briefly rattled, he calmly went back to repeat the words of consecration over the wine during a Eucharistic Prayer that had been so shockingly (and vulgarly) interrupted.  This was, literally, grace under pressure.

It was something I’m sure he’ll never forget — and neither will those who saw it.

During a week when the Church asks us to raise awareness about vocations, let us be aware of this: ordinary people can be empowered to extraordinary things through sacramental grace. There was a gentle heroism in all this — and courage, too. God was defended. The sacrament was protected. The greatest prayer on earth went on.

We live in troubled, violent times, where even God’s house can be a battlefield. These days, every one who steps onto that battlefield and into that sanctuary faces risks that were unimaginable a generation or two ago.

The vocation all of us are called to is, increasingly, the vocation to love and serve God with humble courage.

Pray for all who answer that call—religious and lay. Pray for us. Pray for our broken world.


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