Pope Francis: ‘Deacons often have the temptation of clericalism’

Pope Francis: ‘Deacons often have the temptation of clericalism’ September 10, 2019
Vatican Media

This didn’t get much attention, but it should.

It comes from his remarks to the bishops of Madagascar over the weekend:

Please, make sure you do not clericalize the laity. Lay faithful are lay faithful. I heard, in my previous Diocese, proposals like this: “My Lord Bishop, I have a wonderful lay person in the parish: he works hard, he organizes everything … should we ordain him a deacon?” Leave him there, don’t ruin his life, let him remain a lay person. And speaking of deacons, deacons often have the temptation of clericalism; they see themselves as presbyters or pseudo-bishops … No! The deacon is the custodian of service in the Church. Please do not keep deacons at the altar: let them do their work outside, in service. If they have to go on a mission to baptize, let them baptize: it’s ok. But in service, let them not be pseudo-priests.

Read the entire talk. 

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