Answer One Question

Answer One Question February 16, 2016



It seems I do all the talking in these blogs, so today I’m asking to hear from you.

Just one question. It’s fill-in-the-blank.

If I had one wish for the world, ____.

That’s it. Fill in the blank any way you like – just scroll down to the comment section. I’m really interested in what you are thinking these days.

And I’m not entirely sure about my own answer.

Some wishes are obvious.

  • World peace.
  • Food and clean water for all.
  • Teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

Of course, America’s messed-up politics come to mind. I would wish for sane and rational thinking for everyone, but I suppose sanity is in the eye of the beholder.

In an earlier book, I wrote that if I had one wish, it would be for every adult to re-evaluate his or her understanding of God at least once per decade.

For some of us, pondering ideas about God – or call it divine energy, spirit, life – is a daily practice.

But so many people seem to be stuck in their childhood understanding of God – or have nothing but stereotypes to go on – and they are living without spiritual awareness that could enrich their lives. (I lived that way for a long time.)

It wouldn’t matter what they decide to believe. I simply wish for them a concept of God for grown-ups and a considered view of their place in the universe.


Looking for more wishes, I might wish for Americans to have a clearer sense of the rest of the world, how other people live and think, and how the role of what we call a superpower affects others.

I might wish for a greater sense of oneness – in the spiritual but also the physical sense – so that we realize war and economic hardship anywhere hurt us all.

Or I could swing over to my vegan persona and wish the world would recognize the value of all sentient beings, not just our beloved dogs and cats, but the billions of animals who are tortured and killed each year for our food.

I do believe we won’t have peace as long as we’re killing.

But that might sound preachy.

And that’s the trouble with declaring one wish for the world. It can sound as if I know it all and could create nirvana if only everyone would listen to ME.

Still I say: Go ahead. Issue your decree. Think big. Come up with the best, most useful, most life-affirming idea you can. Because all change begins in thought.

If you had one wish for the world, what would it be?



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