5 Quotes to Restore Your Peace

5 Quotes to Restore Your Peace March 7, 2017

Sometimes all it takes is the perfect quote to restore a sense of harmony in a busy day or heavy heart. If you have trouble staying focused on peace, these five quotes will give you a lift.

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“Meeting your brothers [and sisters] totally without judgment.” It’s easier than you might imagine.

Try this: No matter who is the next person you see—a loved one, a coworker, a stranger—see them as though you’re meeting for the first time. Imagine that you have no assumptions about that person, and you know nothing of their history. No old hurts, no slights, no sibling rivalry, no 10-year-old grudges. See them as a blank slate. Innocent.

As you do this, you may become aware that much of what we bring to our conversations and relationships is not the other person’s baggage but our own. Set that down, and you’ll immediately feel lighter.

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