A Reminder to Start Where You Are

A Reminder to Start Where You Are March 11, 2017

In my meditation this morning, I asked for guidance about the big problems of the world. This is what I heard:

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com
Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

You believe that there are multitudes of problems in your world, from bullying to saving the planet.

In truth, there is one problem: A belief that you are separate from others.

Because there is only one problem, there is also only one solution: unity, a remembrance that you are all part of the same whole.

This seems improbable—and even undesirable—when you’re in the throes of political discourse, clinging to what is right in your belief system and being unable to understand another’s point of view.

However, this inability to communicate from the same viewpoint is not a function of separation. It is merely a function of differing thoughts. It does not change the fundamental truth that you are all human beings in search of peace.

The path to it varies. You may be shocked to know that even terrorists are on the path to peace because there is nowhere else to go.

But as long as you define yourselves as separate and distinct from one another, the unity is hidden. It is suspect. It sounds like illogic.

This is what we advise: Start with the oneness that you seek within yourself, your family, your workplace, your neighborhood. Instead of being distracted by the issues of the world, begin where you are.

Ask a person with a different viewpoint to have lunch with you, and listen without judgment.

Find a person who is feeling threatened and stand up for them, even if their beliefs or culture or life circumstances are different from your own. Nothing brings people together faster than shared support on the level of humanity rather than politics.

Ask Spirit to bring your thoughts into alignment with love, then act in accordance with the heart. See yourself as an agent of unity.

Speak out with kindness and conviction, not with attack or blame. Bring your views forth from the center of your being, from the very Source of oneness, knowing that you stand on solid ground and cannot be threatened.

Do all these things as part of your inner life so the world around you may change for the better.

As you experience greater peace, those around you will as well.

This is the type of problem-solving that can change the world.



Debra Engle is the author of The Only Little Prayer You Need and Let Your Spirit Guides Speak. You can find her on Facebook and at debraengle.com. Listen to her podcasts at sacredstoriesmedia.com.

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