June 14, 2016

Omar Seddique’s father said, “This has nothing to do with religion.”  He is wrong.  Religious teaching in this country contributes to an environment in which LGBT people are misunderstood, demonized, and targeted simply because of our identities.  This attack was not the responsibility of any one religion or teaching.  It happened because we are living in a climate in this country (let alone around most of the globe) in which it is acceptable to discriminate against LGBT people and call out religious... Read more

May 13, 2016

Stephen Hawking is reaching for the stars, but he may end up finding God. Hawking, the famed physicist, along with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg and Yuri Milner, a Russian entrepreneur and physicist, proposed an initiative to launch probes aimed at reaching a star system about 4.37 light years away. Breakthrough Initiatives, the $100 million research and engineering program, aims to demonstrate proof of concept for light-propelled nanocrafts that could fly at 20% of the speed of light and capture data from our nearest star system, Alpha Centauri. Astronomers... Read more

April 12, 2016

Deily recently traveled to the 2016 annual convention of the Religion Communicators Council in New York City.  Founded in 1929, the RCC, originally the Religion Publicity Council, is the oldest PR communications organization in the United States.  The convention consisted of three full days of plenaries, panels, and workshops on a wide array of topics relevant to religious communicators.  Below are some of our highlights. Day One- The Interchurch Center aka the “God Box” All of the Religion Communicators Council’s 2016 Handa... Read more

March 21, 2016

The most important week of the year has started for Christians worldwide.  Explore the timeline and discover the scriptures that led up to the defining moments of Jesus‘ death and resurrection. 3/20 Day 1: Palm Sunday This day marks Jesus’ Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem to celebrate Passover with his disciples. He rode into the city on a donkey, and the celebrating people there laid down their cloaks and small branches of trees in front of him. The event is recorded in... Read more

March 1, 2016

We spend close to two thirds of our lives’ in our own homes. Of course a good portion of that time is spent sleeping, where a person may or may not feel the immediate discomfort of their surroundings, but that doesn’t mean their spirit is in harmony with their environment. Enter Feng Shui. “Important decisions, such as buying a house, need to be founded on more than just the material values of size, location and cost. Indeed, we need to... Read more

January 14, 2016

Musician and pop culture icon David Bowie died after an 18 month battle with cancer on Sunday (Jan. 10). The singer was 69. As the world received news of the artist’s departure, religious leaders have begun to share their own condolences, respecting the singer for his lifelong devotion to music. Bowie was actively clear about his provocative religious views, and his art reflected his opinions. Among the religious leaders who have taken to social media to share their thoughts on... Read more

January 14, 2016

Christians worldwide can soon experience the epic and inspiring Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. The United States’ largest timber structure, the Ark Encounter, is set to be complete in July 2016 and is located in Williamstown, Ky. Similar to the one described in the Bible, the Ark is set to be astronomically huge – 510 feet long to be exact. The Ark has been designed to be a family-oriented, historically authentic attraction, complete with boarding passes for admission. At present, the... Read more

January 5, 2016

Religion in the news took to new heights this past year – making international headlines and centering as the focus of several social and political debates. The virality of social media ensured that these stories made they way around the internet. While some 2015 religion news stories gave us hope, others have challenged us to work toward peace and understanding. Here are our top 10 religion-related news stories of 2015. Visit Deily to share your own religion news now. ISIS Militants Carry... Read more

December 3, 2015

A Cincinnati couple says “divine intervention” and prayer are the cause of their sick, infant daughter’s suspected brain tumor vanishing. Carissa and Matt Hatfield feared their young daughter Paisley was going to die, according to a 9 WCPO report. The report goes on to say the couple was told that doctors discovered a mass near the base of Paisley’s brain and had scheduled a biopsy for the next week. After calling family and friends for prayer, the parents were suddenly told that... Read more

November 27, 2015

The music industry just gained a new pop artist of holy proportions. Pope Francis released his first music album entitled “Wake Up!” today (Nov. 27). The pontiff’s album is now available internationally, following a release in Italy earlier this month. “Wake Up!” features 11 tracks, including the singles “Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!” and “Por Qué Sufren los Niños?” The album is described as a pop-rock infused album by The Huffington Post and features Pope Francis delivering hymns and excerpts from his speeches... Read more

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