Zip It, and enjoy the quiet for a little while.

Zip It, and enjoy the quiet for a little while. July 4, 2015

I like the quiet.

I plan to stay here a while.

Everywhere I turn, there are people talking about a Presidential election that is so far down the road that I can’t get excited about it. They have stopped talking about Jenner and his version of menopause. They are abuzz with things to say about gay marriage and the Supreme Court.

And I find myself just wanting to be quiet.IMG_0183 - Copy

It’s nice here. I invite you to join me.

I tend to think this isn’t the time for words. If someone I love comes to me and says he is getting married and I suspect that the marriage is probably non-Sacramental, I don’t usually use that moment to blast him with what I think. I certainly don’t change my Facebook profile to rub his nose in my thoughts.

The time for sharing thoughts was before.

The time for picking up pieces will probably come later.

Right now, it’s time to be quiet. Not the kind of quiet that bites-her-tongue-and-can’t-sit-still.

The kind of quiet that is at peace because God is still my life, the Church is still my rock, and I have nothing to say–

Except that I love my friends who are gay. I understand why they are happy. And in the words of one of them, perhaps it is a good time to turn your energies toward social justice issues that we can agree upon.

  • The child caught in a foster system that dumps him at 18.
  • The young person trapped in sex-trafficking.
  • The immigrant who hides and teaches her child to hide because they live in fear.
  • The unborn who just learned to kick, who just felt the surge of blood through his veins as his new heart beats within him.
  • The young man who is getting married and has decided to adopt his new bride’s children, though they are not his biologically.
  • The soldier who loves his country, but is now confined to a wheelchair.

When I am ready to spill words again, maybe I will spill them for these causes. For now, I will be silent.

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