Planned Parenthood, I can’t stop thinking about what I’ve seen and heard.

Planned Parenthood, I can’t stop thinking about what I’ve seen and heard. July 31, 2015

I keep thinking of that verse, the one that says He came that they might have life and have it more abundantly.

And then, I think of Planned Parenthood, which isn’t about the abundant life Jesus talked about.

jojo and me
With my grandson.

I keep thinking about the parents I prayed for, the ones who just lost a baby girl at twenty-one weeks due to complications during pregnancy. I’m thinking about my high school friend who lost her daughter two days ago when a car hit the bicycle she was riding–how she was headed off for college, how her sister is getting married in one week just like my daughter, how an entire family is mourning, but finding solace in a God who brings life even in these dark nights.

And then, I think of Planned Parenthood, which isn’t about bringing life in the darkest hour. It takes a twenty-one week baby from the womb and whisks it off to another room where the body is dissected and sold for parts.

I keep thinking about the work I need to do. The deadline that is coming up on Monday which marks the end of a six-month project. The basement I need to clean and prepare for some construction work because my daughter, her husband, and their  four children under the age of five will be moving in soon to save money. I keep thinking about the major changes to my career path that are likely and all the discernment that has gone into that.

And then, I think of Planned Parenthood, which is dicing up aborted babies for cash.

I keep thinking about the guy who commented on my last post about companies who contribute financially to Planned Parenthood, the guy named Danny who couldn’t understand why I had a problem with anything that was happening with post-abortive fetuses because I know where meat comes from, and I don’t give that another thought.



Do you know where the meat you eat comes from? And I bet you still eat it.

  • If I thought long and hard, I couldn’t think of a less germane and more inane comment.
    Cannibalism v. carnivores. Really? That is your defense for selling human body parts?

    • You thought so long and hard, you missed my point. My point is that there are many gruesome things that you are probably just fine with. How do you think doctors learn to preform lifesaving surgical procedures? They practice on real human bodies. Bodies of actual people who had families and lives before they died. As apposed to fetal tissue that is not a person, has no feelings, thoughts, or relationships. Fetal tissue that was “not” sold but was recovered from medical waste for research to save babies that are the products of “wanted” pregnancies.

      Do you value fetal tissue from unwanted pregnancies more than the lives of actual babies that are saved because of the research done with fetal tissue?

      If you want to eat meat, an animal will have to die. If you want the best healthcare available for the child growing in your womb, some fetal tissue is going to have to have been studied.

      • I have thought long and hard about your response, Danny. Three days. I’ve thought about it for three days.
        Both of my grandfathers were farmers. Yes, I know how cattle are butchered for beef and hogs become bacon. And the process cannot be IN ANY WAY compared to deliberately aborting a human and immediately poking through the parts to see what can be sold as specimens.
        This is not Nazi Germany. We do not have to do experiments on human bodies that we just deliberately extinguished.
        I do not value one life more than another. You do. I do not value one pregnancy over another. You do.

I am not a “pro-life extremist” — but I am a woman. And I cannot focus on much of anything because I see a baby when I see a little leg or a little head. I see a baby. And now, I will try to do the impossible. I will try to do my day’s work even with all of this on my mind.

I’ll keep working, but I can’t stop thinking.

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