Jesus demands that we call for an end to this war: How can anyone rejoice at death?

Jesus demands that we call for an end to this war: How can anyone rejoice at death? November 13, 2023

Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel has led to Israel’s devasting response. Courtesy Atlantic


Before I begin, allow me to note that You NEED to take an hour either now, or in the immediate future, and watch my interview with Greg Khalil. Greg served as a legal advisor to the Palestinian Authorities from 2004-2008. This was during the time of Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza. Greg notes that everyone knew that unless certain conditions were met, and they were not, that what happened on Oct 7 was going to happen.

I’m sure that some are saying right now, “How can I say such a thing?” After all, are there not such things are “Just wars.” “And,” the argument continues, “if there was ever such a thing as a Just War, this is it.”

NB: see this article by a native American scholar Seth Allard, “There is no Just War—there is just war.”

I would respond that I am able to say such a thing because Jesus told us that wars don’t solve anything. They only make more wars: “Put your sword back into its place; for all those who take up the sword shall perish by the sword” (Matt 26:52).

Unfortunately, citing Jesus here does not seem to be sufficient. Of course, I could add Matt 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” And, in case this is not sufficient either, perhaps I should note that the expression “son of” connotes: “having the quality, essence, or characteristics of the one of whom you are a son of.”

NB: that is why I use “son of” and not “sons and daughters of”—Because “son of” is an idiom.

This means that Matt 5:9 is more than just an encouragement to be peacemakers—as if there are some situations in which we must resign ourselves to the fact that pursuing peace is either not possible or it is not the right option.

No, Jesus is saying that being a peacemaker is to act like God!

NB: this is the same as when Jesus says that loving our enemies makes us “sons of the Most High” (Luke 6:35); i.e., when we love our enemies we are acting like God who also loves His enemies.

There is, then, nothing in Jesus’ “blessed are the peacemakers” that leaves room for the excuse, “Well, sometimes we just need to let them fight this out.”

But Hamas must be destroyed

Oh, there is so much to say here. But let me keep this brief for now. I will address this topic further in an upcoming livestream. (The Crisis in Israel-Gaza #11 Nov 21 5:00 PST).

For one, this ethnic cleansing of Gaza will not eradicate Hamas. As Jonathan Kuttab noted on my livestream, “Hamas will become an ideology.” That is, even if they destroy Hamas by leveling Gaza, they will only create another Hamas.

The war in Gaza is only serving to radicalize more people! Terror incites terror!

You might ask, “What then do you suggest that Israel does?” I’m glad you asked. In response, allow me to cite Jesus once again, “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God” (Matt 5:9).

If you want to defeat Hamas, if you want to keep Israel and its people safe, if you want to end the violence, if you want to love all people, then bring peace and justice for everyone.

“But this war is a sign of the end times!”

If I could swear right now, I might. I am trying to think of how a prophetic ire might sound without transcending to bounds of decency and self-control.

NB: I will address the “end times” stuff thoroughly in my upcoming livestream (The Crisis in Israel-Gaza #11 Nov 21 5:00 PST).

Also, next week’s livestream will feature an interview with David Crump where we will address the notion of “Israel” as the chosen people (Rob and David Crump #10 Nov 14 5:00 PST)

Let me say it this way:

“This line of thinking derives from the pit of Hell. This is Devil-speak. If you want to shout that the Antichrist is coming, I will tell you that He is here and that he is the one who is behind such utter nonsense. To see war and to not only fail to demand peace (which is precisely what Jesus demands of us) but to rejoice because we are somehow seeing the “signs of the times” fulfilled before our eyes is the epitome of how the devil wants us to think.

Any teaching that rejoices at, promotes, or comes anywhere short of denouncing, war,

Any teaching that justifies genocide—or in the least ethnic cleansing,

Any teaching that condemns terrorism against one people but approves it against another,

Any teaching that fails to weep at the loss of all lives,

Any teaching that blindly supports a secular state as if it is beyond repute,

Any teaching that counts some lives as more valuable than others,

Any teaching that denounces terrorism only when some commit it


Such teaching is not from God.

Such teaching doesn’t represent Christ.

Such teaching makes a mockery of the Gospel—which is “good news” for the “poor”; not some of the poor, but all of them.

Such teaching is precisely what Satan affirms and Jesus condemns.

Here is a Letter from Palestinian Christians to Western pastors and theologians. Our own brothers and sisters in Christ are among those who are dying. And these pastors are calling out the Western church because we are complicit in their deaths. If there was ever a time to speak it is now. If we cannot speak now, then we never will!

Sadly, the false prophets are speaking. They are speaking every Sunday in pulpits across our country. They are writing blogs and Social Media posts. And their followers are rejoicing at the news.

It is time for us to speak louder than them. After all, HOW CAN ANYONE REJOICE AT DEATH?

Call your congressperson.

Call your pastor.

Speak up when someone tries to promote this as a sign of the times

From “If you know who your representative is but you are unable to contact them using their contact form, the Clerk of the House maintains addresses and phone numbers of all House members and Committees, or you may call (202) 224-3121 for the U.S. House switchboard operator.”

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