2 Timothy 1.7 | Scripture Interpreted in Community, pt. 2

2 Timothy 1.7 | Scripture Interpreted in Community, pt. 2 February 23, 2024

2 Timothy 1.7 | Scripture Interpreted in Community, pt. 2

Not too long ago, I posted a brief article on this verse, sharing how someone at church had shared with me.

the church worker

“Well, let’s start by remembering 2 Timothy 1.7. God has not given us the spirit of anxiety. So let’s take all of your anxieties and lay them at the feet of Jesus. And how does He help us overcome anxiety? First of all, He helps us overcome anxieties by the power of God!”

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interpreted by the Greek professor

I have the privilege of doing life with a Greek professor. He is not only astute at the Biblical Koine Greek, he is also one who has countless Scriptures memorized.

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Like the conversation with the church worker, Vernell (Dad) zeroed in on my current situation and how I am coping.

Vernell Ingle
Parker Ingle | Vernell Ingle | 07.12.20

I didn’t tell him about the other conversation at church, but he and Mom both started reminding me of 2 Timothy 1.7.

Dad said the term fear is best translated as “timidity.” There are a few translations which pick up on this.

For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but of power and love and discipline. (NASB)

So it isn’t the normal word for fear, or even anxiety. It is a timidity: a hesitance, a shying away from what lies ahead. My parents assured me that whatever is ahead, God has an answer.

The word for power is not one of the normal NT words for power either. It speaks of “competence” and ability, Dad said (the Greek professor). Applying it to my life, they said that I have walked in this peculiar power of God over the course of the last year. They used examples from my personal and professional life.

Continue walking in the ability and competence that flows from God without timidity or hesitation.

Scripture interpreted in community adds life meaning.

Herp Albert
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