Your life isn’t made of what you are hurrying toward…

Your life isn’t made of what you are hurrying toward… July 28, 2014

I have a big, fat, awesome trip to the UK beginning tomorrow and I’ve been full of planning and worrying and preemptive homesickness.  My daughter’s been at Oxford for a month now and I’ll be meeting up with her at my student’s home in Sheffield for a few days of fun and juju before traipsing off to sample a whole wide assortment of across-the-pond goodness.  I’m going to miss my beloved husband, my dogs, my chickens and trees.  My dirt.

And all that thinking/feeling is landing me squarely in The Future.

a tiny portion of a huge blessing
a tiny portion of a huge blessing

So, I heard the words AGAIN today when I was washing clothes and texting with my grrl and checking my list (and twice, of course) and watching Rick Steves’ videos (did you know that he is an outspoken proponent of drug policy reform?), planning for chicken feed and human food, wondering if I should cut my dreads before I go, and-and-and…

“Your life isn’t made of what you are hurrying toward.  It is made of the hurrying…”

WOAH!  Full stop.  Breathe.  Shoulders down.

At times in my life, I’ve had jobs that were physically and energetically exhausting.  I’ve had emotional entanglements that drained me so that I lost the will to untangle myself.  In those dark days, I was often acutely aware of the slooooowly passing moments.  I felt like I was being held under water and hyper-conscious of the need for air.

I have lots of air now, and bright sunshine and huge love; wondrous opportunities.  How rude of me to ignore this gift of beauty and time!

So today, I listen to the words of my Godsoul and slow down into the Present.  This moment of fretting about train schedules, this very second right here and now,  is as precious as the moment that I walk the stone circles; as precious as the moment that I see my loved ones again.

Blessed be the steadfast calm in the center.  Blessed be the surrounding chaos.  Blessed be our breath that reminds us of the ins and outs of all things.





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