On Water ~ A Poem

On Water ~ A Poem April 1, 2015

Sweet flow-ershutterstock_72843940
I have praised you since my inception
My first thought awakened in you
My first light came through your presence

Like the fish in the sea
I grew in the ocean of my mother
And you held me safe there
My tears remind me

You teach through your cycles of rising and falling and rising again
All things move this same way
A wave
In process
Coming in and returning away
Never ending

Remembering blood and spit and all the liquids of me
I attune to Water
Held in flesh
And call to Kin in chalice held

I give thanks for containment!
Even shifting shaman-brain doesn’t assuage fear
That I will disappear
Rise as vapor and never be seen again

I ask Water to teach me Grace
Ease of adapting, shaping and being shaped
I feel her (and she is ‘her’, perhaps for Mother)
Willing to be lifted

We disappear into all that is
With perfect aplomb
Sifting down into the smallest consciousness:




"It really is so sweet! It's wonderful to hear all the blessings from your beloveds!"

Birthday Candle Witchcraft
"This is such a lovely idea."

Birthday Candle Witchcraft
"Thank you! I'm so glad it made sense to someone else :D"

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"Beautiful words and thoughts, Jenya!"

Not Sure Who Needs to Read ..."

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