Very Simple Spell for Big Deep Change

Very Simple Spell for Big Deep Change April 8, 2015

Creating our world is a task we’re involved in from the day we’re born.  We are not in charge of every event that occurs in our lives; there are many co-creators with whom we share the responsibility for making things just so.  We do, however, have tools that we don’t always remember (or know how) to use.  Recognizing our connection with all things is a good start to crafting a world that is beautiful and just.

Spellwork does *not* replace foot- or hand- or head-work.  Lighting candles is good, but ya also need to go to meetings and have conversations.

This is a good working for a complex that feels entrenched and resistant to change.  It’s simple,  but not easy.

Bonne chance et bonne courage!

What ya need:shutterstock_29548630

A good idea of what you want

One big, fat candle of a good color for this work (red for sex, green for money, pink for love, blue for healing, orange for courage)

Essential oil or ‘condition’ oil

28 small candles of the same or similar color

What ya do:

Start on the full moon

Dress your big candle with oils pertaining to your issue (patchouli for sex, cinnamon for money, lavender for love, benzoin for healing, bergamot for courage or any condition oil)
Ask for what you want, aka pray your prayer while you dress the candle (from base “foot” to wick “head” for drawing)
Light and let it burn all the way down, however long it takes
You may choose to sit in meditation for a time, or invite dreams about it when you go to sleep

This big candle gets things going and ‘holds down the fort’, so to speak.  The morning after you light the big, you start with the littles.

That morning, breathe yourself into awareness and power, dress and light one small candle and reiterate your prayer, using whatever words feel right that day (this will change, most likely, as the time goes on and the magick begins to work)
Let this candle burn all the way down
Do this each morning til the next full moon

Collect all wax and bury in your front yard with prayers of gratitude

Be willing to change.

Be open to possibilities.

Say yes.

I will be teaching an online course on Spellcrafting, beginning 4/22.  Contact me at for more info.

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