An Inclusive ‘Great Rite’ Blessing

An Inclusive ‘Great Rite’ Blessing May 1, 2015

I wrote this piece a few years ago for a public Beltane ritual.  Like so many others, we were feeling the exclusivity of the hole/pole/cup/knife polarity and wanting to make this blessing something that anybody could get into.  Without further ado:

As the knife is to the cup in Buscuits, Lefevre-Utile 2 by Alphonse Mucha.jpg
Blissful connection
The cup is to the cup in
Boundless joy
And the knife to the knife in
Brilliant perfection
We bless in our souls the sweet reflection
Of our Gods’ wild Beauty, Power, and Love

May this Beltane bring you the wildest delights, the most delicious dark dreaming, the sweetest pleasures!  So mote it be!

This ironic image is an old advert for Buscuits, Lefevre-Utile and is painted by Alphonse Mucha.  The copyright on this image is expired and it is now in the public domain.  Lucky us!

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