Post-Beltane: Slump or Afterglow?

Post-Beltane: Slump or Afterglow? May 6, 2015

I don’t know about all y’all, but the week after Beltane, for me, is often really low energy.   I can work with this pattern in a couple of ways and make my life better or more difficult, depending on how it’s spun.

Lots of us did “Big R” rituals last weekend.  Beltane is one of the favorites, after all.  Who doesn’t like to invigorate and celebrate Passion and Creativity and possibly Sexual Expression?   (Actually, it’s okay if you don’t.  I’ve had my own trouble with Beltane over the years.)


Around here, there were at least 4 or maybe 5 different events happening over the weekend.  We went to only a couple and I still got tuckered out.  We attended a big, fun, loud Community Seed ritual, came home long enough to feed and water animals, then headed off to Dance Elemental, which is a really wonderful event put on by our beloved friends Tymn and Dakini  at DevaGnosis.

That was all on Saturday and, honestly, Sunday is a bit of a yummy, tousled blur.

So.  Beltane takes it out of me.  And I could define my ‘afters’ as either exhaustion or languor.  Both mean that I’m not much good for anything else, but one is frustrating and the other delicious.

This is a case of ‘how much space do I make in my life for the expression of my spirituality?’  Think about it:  at Christmas, folks expect schedules to go wonky, for people to be more stressed or tired, for exceptions to be made.  Do we allow ourselves the same courtesy when we are celebrating holidays that *aren’t* on everybody’s radar?

I’m not necessarily suggesting that we take time off from work, but why not, if you can?  Maybe make a bigger mess than usual with creating a wonderful meal?  Or leave on the floor the 10 outfits you tried on and discarded before deciding what to wear to the ritual, or the clothes you took off in a hurry because you really needed to be naked NOW?

Allow yourself to slack a bit, in the name of the gods and your own sweet self.

And now I take my own advice.  See ya Friday 🙂


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