Changing the Worlds ~ One Little Bird at a Time

Changing the Worlds ~ One Little Bird at a Time May 11, 2015

Working with what’s available is a core value to me.  It might look like laziness or resourcefulness, but either way, less energy is expended.

This is the first part:  “let’s see what’s already going on…”  The second part:  (if it’s dinner we’re talking about) “…in the garden!” (if it’s magick we’re talking about) “…in the garden!”  Actually, no matter what we’re trying to do, we can find some corollary to it in what the Earth is already doing.

Sometimes, we’re tying into the weather; dark days are good for slow, quiet magick (and dinner).  Sunny days are good for expansive, jolly magick (and dinner).

Other times, we’re tying into events in our own lives.  This week, my beloved husband is out of town, so I will do the things that require long periods of intense concentration.

Hopefully, but maybe not, because…meat chicks 051115

I also have 25 two-week-old chicks who need food and water and observation.  They had a respiratory issue, so I treated them for that, which gave them a digestive issue, so I treated them for that.  (Pro tip:  wear gloves when massaging baby chick bellies).   Now it’s watch and wait (and replace their litter a LOT).


I have a goat who is due to kid any day now.  It’s my first time with this situation, but not hers, luckily!  So when I’m not sitting in the chicken coop, I’m staring at the goat, trying to see any signs of imminent labor.

There are so many important things happening in the worlds:  raised voices and raised fists, broken lives and broken vows, insecurity and inner strength.  Love and clarity and power.

But when I’m sitting among the baby birds, with warm water and oil and droppers and rags, my whole universe is about 3 feet across.  With physical tools, I’m treating body ills; with energetic tools, I’m treating vibrational ills.  I believe that the ripples that spread out from these tiny acts will change the worlds.  This is not the only thing that is required to bring justice and peace, but it is still important.

How big is your world today?  What actions are you taking to support kindness and creativity?


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