Love that Flows from the Heart of the Earth~A Chant

Love that Flows from the Heart of the Earth~A Chant May 18, 2015

A dear friend of mine used to sign her letters From My Heart To Yours.  Such a powerful sentiment:  love to love, Godsoul to Godsoul.  Using her words as inspiration, I created a chant for the Growing Time.  It’s all about how the rising current of Love that is expressed from the body of the Earth lifts all things, including us human-creatures.

It goes like this:flowers-659070__180

All the love that flows

From the Heart of the Earth

To the Heart of the Universe

Flows through us

With a counterpoint of:micro-dew white flowers at ucscA

Sap is rising

Rising, rising

Sap is rising

Life returns!

(One could change “Life returns” to “Life abounds” or “Life explodes” or something else, depending on exactly what’s happening where you are…)

These can be sung separately, as a round, or as 2 parts.  And here’s the tune!


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