Poetry, People

Poetry, People July 2, 2015

there is a magick that is not rooted in the sweet earth

there is a magick that arises from the hearts and minds of the human creature

that is unique to the human creature

just as there is elephant magick

and tiger magick

and orangutan

indian women talking

the unique magick of humans resides much in word-making

the mouthsounds that we imbue with such a wild background of truths

the way we lean on the utterance with perfect trust

the bonds that we create by moving our lungs at exactly the right speed and shaping our lips with exquisite care

this is poetry, people,


our humanity expressed inbe-511557_1280

the art of our connection to each other and the divine

the way we are driven to share share share all we find

the cloth of family we weave from ‘welcome home’ and ‘i love you’

the tear we feel when one of us goes missing

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