Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society FAQ

Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society FAQ August 24, 2015

Q: Why is it so hard to pray goodness into the world?

A: Because it feels naïve.  Because there is a part of us that wants to hurt the ones who hurt others.  Because we’ve been wounded by betrayal, not only personally, but by the systems we have trusted to have our best interests at heart.  We carry that pain in us and it’s easier to either crumble under its weight and disappear or make a big stick of it and walk around hitting things.

Q:  Can one be part of this movement and still be a fighter?

A:  Yes, please.  A real desire for the betterment of all parties is a strong position from which to challenge people and systems that injure us.

temple-tank-173464_1280Q:  How can I pray for healing when I’m so full of anger?

A:  First, pray to turn your anger to action.  Water is boss for cleaning our emotions and untangling complexes.  Breathe your anger into your hands and let it go into the Well.  Tone a soothing sound into the Well.  Drink in the transformed energy.

Q: Can I add other elements to my Deep Well to broaden the effects?

A:  This Society is primarily in the business of creating Deep Wells through which our Great Hearts may give and receive.  Other elements (fire to spark bright transformation, earth to ground the prayers, air to inspire clear thought) can be used as part of a larger altar to serve this end.

Q:  I’m Christian (or Muslim or Buddhist or Atheist).  Can I still participate in this movement?

A:  Absolutely.  Feel free to pray to everyone or no one.  You are welcome, whether you invoke Goddesses, Gods, Saints, Orisha, any and all helpful spirits, bodied or unbodied.  The healing of the Worlds is a big job; many hands make light work.

Q: Why are you doing this, Jenya?

A:  Well, Jenya, I’m glad you asked  🙂

I’m doing this because I have watched many things of beauty be decimated by posturing and ego attachments.  I have seen wonderful webs of connection and possibility be torn apart in the name of the One True Right and Only Way.  Certainly there are places where we (humans and other) will not agree.  There are systems that need to be dismantled and rebuilt from the bottom up.  But does destruction require hatred?  I hope not.

(Also, I recognize that these ideas come from a place of privilege and I don’t deny anyone their anger and frustration.  There are times and places for all kinds of change-energy.)

In general, it is my belief that violent words, assuming intended harm, and other prickly behaviors are unhelpful.  I want to offer a deep breath, a cool drink, a moment of respite, a safe place to put our compassion if secretly is the only way we feel safe offering that.

May we inspire, embrace, empower change, in accordance with our own Divine Will and the needs of the Worlds.  So it must be and so it is.

No Justice, No Peace

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