The Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society

The Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society August 13, 2015

A while back, I was in a difficult health situation. I wrote about it here. When folks asked what I needed, I offered them this vision: fill a pool of healing energy for me to draw from as I need.

Ankhira's WellThe lovely and talented Ankhira Swordplow designed a beautiful glass well, with a healing candle set into it, so the flame shone through the water. She sent an image of this well to a group we were working with and some of the others put together their own version. I also created one, for myself and whoever else was in need.

And there were lots of folks in need, just in my immediate circle. A loved one was diagnosed with brain tumors. A beloved elder heard that she would need a mastectomy to deal with her cancer. A new good friend was dealing with the aftermath of her own lumpectomy.

Lots of the facing of the Death and such. Much clarity of vision on what’s important and what isn’t. Difficult and helpful reality checks. Power-fullness and also emptiness, energy moving in and out.

More troubles kept arising: the continuing revelations about racist police abuses; another potential unjust war; stealing (again, still) Native lands in the name of $$; and on and on it goes. Human life on earth at this time.

But what to do? So many hearts were breaking from and for the pain in the world. Outlet/inspiration/focus was required.

And so the Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society called itself into being. This non-denominational dis-organization is dedicated to the furtherance of thoughtful compassion and all manner of healing. In service to this ideal, we create Wells, large and small, and fill them with water and prayers. When any person is in need, they may create a Deep Well for themselves, wherever they are, and draw from that communal pool of energy.

A Deep Well might be an elaborate construction, part of a larger altar, or it might be as simple as a cup of water on your desk at work. It only matters that you fill the Well as you can and draw from it as you need.

The manner in which you fill your Deep Well is entirely up to you. You might light a candle in front of it and pray to Jesus or Mary or the Goddess or any other deity you love, that they bless those in need. You might keep a list of names there at the Well and speak them all aloud. You might use herbs and oils and songs to add your energy to the Well.

The manner in which you take from your Deep Well is also up to you. You might sit before it and visualize a healing light filling you. You might anoint yourself with the water or pour it into a bath. You might soak a talisman in it, which you can then carry with you as a reminder of the prayers being said on your behalf.

The DW ~ GH Society leans toward this:My Saint Brigid Well

Good is possible.
We can all help.

The DW ~ GH Society leans away from this:

Nothing’s wrong.
We can do it alone.

The DW ~ GH Society holds that these things are important and deserve a larger place in the World(s):

Kindness (AKA Generosity or Willingness to Listen or Giving the Benefit of the Doubt)
Beauty (AKA Poetry or Flowers or Food or Singing)

Lots of other things are also important! Confronting injustice, cleaning up our own messes, admitting when we’re wrong are crucial, of course. Though we might pray for those who are actively engaged in those activities (including ourselves!), ultimately, the role of the Society is simply this: to expand the pool of helpful, healing juju throughout the Worlds.

The Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society is not in the business of judgment or condemnation. We do not seek retribution or hurtful action. Nor do we excuse bad behavior, but pray for the healing of the broken hearts which cause us to act with malice.

This is a work in progress. It will always be so, as we are constantly creating and filling and emptying as needed.

wave-320755_1280Everyone and everything follows the great cycle of rising and falling. Feel your own place in that cycle and give and receive with grace.

Water and compassion and healing are precious and your Great Heart is the Deepest Well of all.

Amen. Ashé. Blessed be.



AND of course, we have a FB page, because of course we do:  The Deep Well ~ Great Heart Society

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