Cleansing and Centering in Our Own Self-Fire

Cleansing and Centering in Our Own Self-Fire March 30, 2016

…First, let’s recognize that not everything that troubles us is sourced in us. That doesn’t mean that we are not responsible for what we hold on to. It means that some things are easier to get rid of because they come from others. That ‘easy’ cleansing work is important and should be done often, to keep us from becoming attached to others’ opinions or ideas of us, leading us to internalize those things.Secret Country banner

The complexes we’ve developed on our own are more tenacious and require a greater depth of engagement, which we’ll get into in later chapters (posts).

For now, we start this whole shebang with sending away what we can and getting centered in who we are.

Find a comfortable, quiet place. Stand or lie down, if possible; we want to expand the belly as much as we can.

Start in the middle of you, with a tiny pinpoint of attention. Begin in the beginning, where your soul-fire burns brightly. Breathe into that place and let it become a sort of filter expanding within you and pushing out from you the things that aren’t yours. See a momentary spark in each place that your soul-fire touches something that no longer serves you and watch that something dissipate. Let the filter of light expand with each breath you take and feel it, moving out and out from you. Keep this flow going until you feel clear. If you’re not sure what that feels like, read this paragraph slowly and take 3 big breaths between each sentence. Then go on to read the rest of this prayer/poem, again with 3 breaths between lines.

Breathe into the light in the center of you. Air feeds fire.shutterstock_112798093

Breathe into the light in the center of you. You shine like the sun.

Breathe into the light in the center of you and feel the spill of stars there.

Feel the expansion and the contraction as your very flesh models the mystery:

Everything rises and falls.

Feel the sacredness of you, the wholeness. Feel the brilliance of you. You are a child of the stars!

Feel yourself full of your own soul-fire, your self-fire.

This is who you are when no one is asking you for anything.

This is who you are when you are, not only alone, but all-one.

This is you: blood and dirt and bright joy.

This is you; strong and free and beautiful.

This is you: mud and fire, brilliant consciousness hovering within and animating this entity.

Spirit inhabiting flesh for now,

We are fit for this exploration.

We are made for this knowing of ourselves.

Blessed be our magick.

This is an excerpt from my upcoming book The Secret Country of Yourself (Llewellyn 2017)

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