A Spring Spell to Cut & Clear and Find Peace and Healing

A Spring Spell to Cut & Clear and Find Peace and Healing March 18, 2016

Stuck obsessing over people or situations that you know you need to let go of?  This is a very powerful spell to free yourself from those unhealthy attachments and step with new vigor into what is next for you!

In my spellwork, I use a lot of “condition” oils, premade by people and companies I trust*. I keep a full stable of these of all varieties and when it comes time to work some juju, I will often blend 3 together to get a more specific effect. These I use for dressing candles or people, mixing with salts to make a bath, or mixing with water in a spray bottle to change the energy of a space. I often use incense the same way.

In the following spell, I used a straight Cut & Clear oil, as well as a Break Ties/Cleanse/Heal blended oil.candles-1135017_1280

To Cut and Clear and find Peace and Healing

Cut and Clear spell

What ya need:
Red and Black figure candles
Black or White Candle dressed with Cut & Clear oil
Cut & Clear oil
Break Ties, Cleanse and Heal oil (blended)

Begin the day after full moon. Work it for 5 days. Dress the red candle with Break Ties/Cleanse/Heal oil and name it to yourself by writing your name along the base of it, pressing a piece of your hair into it, or suchlike. Dress the black candle with the Cut & Clear oil and name it to the situation you wish to be free of.
Put the red and black candles back to back with the Cut & Clear candle ‘above’ them, at the top of the triangle.
Say your prayers.
Light the candles when it’s dark and let them burn til the heads are gone.
Next night, move the red and black candles apart a bit and light them again. Let them burn to the heart.
Next night, move them and light them again. Let them burn to the sex.
Next night, same, and let them burn to the knee.
Next night, same and let them burn all the way down.

Cleansing/Healing spell

What ya need:
White candle dressed with Break Ties, Cleanse and Heal oil
Break Ties, Cleanse and Heal oil (same as above)
Break Ties, Cleanse and Heal bath salts
Home Healing and Blessing incense

Begin on the New Moon or as soon after that as possible

This part takes 3 days (Day One: candle, bath, oil, incense; Day Two: candle, bath, oil, incense; Day Three: candle, bath, oil, incense)

How to do:
The first night, light the cleansing candle, with a prayer that you may be cleansed of your unhealthy attachments.
While it is burning, lay out clean clothes to put on in the morning.
Pour a third of the Bath Salts into the muslin bag and put it in a quart jar of warm water.
Set the jar of water in front of the burning Cleansing Candle.
Let it burn down a third of the way, then pinch it out (this will take a couple of hours).
Leave the water overnight.
In the morning, get up before sunrise.
Take your jar of water with salts in it, a small basin, and your clean clothes into the bathroom.
Set the jar of Salt Water and the basin so that you can reach them from the tub/shower.
Take a regular shower.
When you’re all clean, turn off the shower and place the basin between your feet, or stand in it.
Take the jar of Salt Water and, starting with the top of your head, pour it over you, brushing with your other hand, brushing all that attachment off of you.
You may choose to ask the Gods for help, the Saints, or whoever else you might pray to.
After you’ve poured out all the water, step out of the tub/shower , cleansed and cleared.
You may speak a prayer here, acknowledging that you step into a new day, fresh and clean.
Let yourself air dry (you don’t want to wipe off the juju!)
Dress yourself and reach back into the tub/shower and bring out the basin of yucky water.
Take it off your property or to a helpful tree
Throw it over your left shoulder and walk away

Use a drop of the Break Ties, Cleanse and Heal oil to anoint your forehead and temples each morning after the bath

Use the incense to bless your home.
Just make a little pile in a fire safe container and light with a lighter or match.
Carry it through your home and let the smoke get into all the corners, especially your altar room.

If you give this spell a try, I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

My favorite makers of spell oils and incense are: Susan Diamond at Serpent’s Kiss, Storm Faerywolf and Chas Bogan at Mystic Dream, and the lovely folks at Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

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