A Fire Blessing Prayer for this New Year

A Fire Blessing Prayer for this New Year January 23, 2017

I wrote this blessing for some dear friends whose Winter magick includes the burning of a huge, beautiful effigy of the Old Year. Fire Blessing

Fire is safety. It holds the light and the heat that we need to survive.
Fire is chaos. Its dance is ever-changing and it is inherently dangerous.
Fire is hungry. It consumes what it desires and leaves behind only the memory of what has been.
Fire is final. What is taken in by fire never returns to its original shape.

The year that is passing has been hard for many.
Beloved idols and close kin shuffled off this mortal coil.

A fearful and fearsome minority spoke loud and clearly of their dissatisfaction, placing blame on those most blameless.
They rant and cry and shout and bully.
A new kind of courage is required of those of us who seek a compassionate and wise society.

And so:

We turn to fire, bringing forth the wild flame within us, burning away what is hateful and hurtful.

We turn to fire, calling on the fierce warrior spirit that lives in each of us, confronting intimidation and persecution of innocents.

We turn to fire, allowing a blazing light to shine from us, dismissing ignorance and illuminating truth.

We turn to fire and burn, remembering that the ash of what has gone before feeds the new growth that is to come.

May we be empowered in this turning. May we shine like the stars we are. May the brilliance of each of us, sparkling in the constellations we form together, be a guide to those who seek freedom and safety.

May we all be blessed. May we all be a blessing to our world.

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