Seeing the Path Clearly~Imbolc Advice from Goddess

Seeing the Path Clearly~Imbolc Advice from Goddess January 28, 2019

This meditation came to/through me for a Brigid ritual many years ago. Still seems apropos, but some of the names have been change to reflect current experiences of Godd/s.

You wish to find your right path? Listen to my words.  

Come to me, come to me, through woods and streams and city streets.  Come from dark places and bright, full of body-wisdom and head-knowing and heart-opening.  Hear my voice in birdsong and car horn and swift breeze.  See me as black fertile soil and dry sandy hillside and grey concrete.  I am in all of those, and my changes are words in the language I use to speak to you.  

At this time of year, my Beloved is just beginning, as you are beginning.  Zie is the new shoots of green pushing up through rain-dark earth.  Zie seeks growth, as you do.  

Do you wish to find Zir, to love Zir and grow with Zir?  

Then be prepared for your true meaning, your destiny and hear from my lips this secret:  your destiny is not the place you end up.  It is every step you take.  It is who you are, not where you go.  

There are many ways to get discouraged.  Sometimes the steps of your path will feel like endless trudging that gets you nowhere.  You may feel that you are so busy helping others on their path that you have lost your own.  

Here is another part of the secret:  wherever you walk, large steps or small, I am with you.  

And another:  when you help others, in love, you need not step off your path to do it.  

Remember, your foot makes the path.  A path that is worn down is only where many others have already walked.   The courage that burns in your heart when you are willing to go where is needed and do what is required is the same flame that burns in the heart of God.  

Do you wish to find God, to love Zir and grow with Zir?  

Then breathe.   Let the breath you take in feed the flame that is the Soul Fire of God within You.  Zir bravery is your bravery.  Zir direction is your direction.  Feel Zir strength fill you.  Breathe it in, feel it in, listen it in, take it in, in every way you can.  Fill yourself with Zir presence.  

And when you are ready, open your eyes… go to the Mirror.  Go, and see God in yourself.   You have found Zir.


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