Insurance, Holiness and Hair

Insurance, Holiness and Hair June 1, 2017
Source: Wikimedia Commons
Source: Wikimedia Commons


The centrefold of a 2011 edition of Sydney’s short-lived tabloid, mX, featured a report concerning the vast sums with which an assortment of celebrities insured their various body parts.

Some statistics included Mariah Carey insuring her legs for US $1billion as an accompaniment to an ad campaign by the razor manufacturing corporation, Gillette. Another included Ugly Betty actress America Ferrera, who insured her teeth for US$10 million as part of an ad campaign for a tooth whitening brand.

Another, more humorous, example of the insurance trend among the glitterati included Tom Jones, who insured his chest hair for US $7 million.

Readers of such a report might find this obsession with committing eye-watering sums of money to protect body-parts amusing. Be that as it may…

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