Don’t Follow Billy Graham. Follow Jesus.

Don’t Follow Billy Graham. Follow Jesus. February 28, 2018

By all accounts, Reverend Billy Graham was a good man. He lived for 99 years and was never personally embroiled in any kind of scandal. What a rarity. He was faithful to his wife, whom he loved dearly. His children, grandchildren, and extended family have only wonderful words to share about the famed evangelist. The only apparent challenge was his frequent traveling. While difficult, it was accepted because of the purpose for him being away from home so much. Graham loved Jesus, followed Jesus, and obeyed Jesus. Indeed, he went into the world and preached the Gospel. As a result, untold numbers of people accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. What a Godly legacy Graham has left. It would be tempting to say, “I want to be like Billy Graham” or “I want to be the next Billy Graham.” And that would not be a bad thing. After all, we need more – many more – people to share the Gospel. But don’t follow Billy Graham. Follow Jesus. That is who Rev. Graham followed. He always and only pointed to Jesus. From all appearances, he was incredibly humble. Despite the fame and fortune, his goal was to make Jesus famous. Not himself. Billy Graham followed Jesus. And while he was a good man – a great man, really – he was not a perfect man. Only one person fits that bill. His name is Jesus. So when you are tempted to follow anyone in this world, look to who they are following. While all humans will fail, there is nothing wrong with looking to others as role models. Just make sure they are following Jesus. And that you follow Jesus too. After 80 years of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s safe to say Reverend Billy Graham would agree.

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