How Luke Bryan Got It Wrong

How Luke Bryan Got It Wrong July 8, 2018

I recently heard a new-ish song by Luke Bryan. I remembered him from American Idol and how it touched my heart when he teared up during the audition of a grown man singing about his love for his adoptive mom. But as I was listening to this particular song – which contains many points that I completely agree with and has a beautiful melody – I realized just how wrong this country singer got things.

Here are three ways, and why it matters:

1) Most People Are Good.The title of the song is the first problem. We’d like to believe “most people are good” but the Bible teaches just the opposite. No one is good. Psalm 51:5 tells us that we are sinful from birth. Romans 3:10 says that no one is righteous. In fact, 1 John 1:8 states that if we believe we are without sin, we are deceiving ourselves and don’t have the truth in us. No one is good, but because of God’s goodness, we can become like Christ – who is perfect.

2) Streets of gold are worth the work.Luke sings that he believes the streets of gold are worth the work, but that he would still want to go to Heaven even if the streets were paved in dirt. The truth is that no one could ever earn their way to Heaven. What would be enough? How would you know it was enough? The Bible teaches that salvation is a free gift of God, and is not from our own works. We don’t deserve salvation, and we can’t earn it. It’s only because of God’s grace and the faith that He gives us that we can be saved. So, don’t even attempt to earn your way into Heaven. Instead, put your faith in Jesus Christ, who paid the price for your sins on the cross.

3) Most mamas oughta qualify for sainthood.Here is some more good news – anyone can be a saint. This is because all Christians are saints, as is clearly evidenced in the Bible. This article explains this one better than I could in a few sentences.

I agree with Luke on many of the points in this song – kids should be kids, life is precious, we should forgive one another, we should work hard, and the world isn’t as bad as it looks. But it’s not because most people are good. It’s because God is great. I “get” the point of the song and the reason it was written, but these three points matter. It’s important (and relieving) to know that we don’t have to strive for goodness or work for Heaven or sainthood. We are made in the image of God and can become His followers, His Children, His Saints. For those who desire to become a Christian, you can place your trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior this very day.

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