The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 185: Lee Hardin & Matt Falk

The Daren Streblow Comedy Show Mini-Cast 185: Lee Hardin & Matt Falk July 17, 2017

This week’s show is kicked off with first-time caller, funnyman Lee Hardin!

Lee has been having some trouble as of late with his decision making. For example, he recently received a “wrong number text” on his phone that read:

Hey, Babe. Can you pick up the kids after school?

Now, hindsight being 20/20, he should have replied, “You’ve texted the wrong number. Sorry”. However, instead, he texted: “Yes.”Lee Hardin & Matt Falk

His phone quickly pinged with the reply, “Thanks! You’re the best!”

At this point, Lee really, REALLY should have texted back, “I’m just kidding. You’ve got the wrong number.” But, being the kind of bad-decision maker that he is, Lee simply replied, “I know.”

So, when the message “I love you” quickly came across his screen, Lee realized he was too far into this dialogue to turn back now and typed, “Love you, too!”

Maybe it was the comfort that Lee felt, as he was doing so well in this fake relationship of his. He just couldn’t stop himself. It just feels good to exchange “I love you’s”.

After an hour or so, though, his conscience got the best of him. He couldn’t continue living this lie, so he texted the unsuspecting wrong number:

“Hey… I’m so sorry. I feel terrible. You actually texted the wrong number. I’m a terrible person for not admitting this earlier. So, SO sorry… Do you still want me to pick up your kids?”

You can imagine Lee’s surprise when they said, “Yes!”

And that’s when the relationship ended.

What’s sad is that Lee never found out where to pick them up at. So, somewhere in America, in some school parking lot, there are some kids waiting for someone to pick them up. It’s been over a year now, and those poor abandoned children must be realizing that 1) their ride isn’t coming and 2) their parents are severely bad judges of character when it comes to “wrong number text recipients”.

But, when it comes to baby steps in learning how to serve and love someone else, it appears as though Lee is making progress!

Next up, we are on the line with Canadian comedian Matt Falk:Lee Hardin & Matt Falk

Daren Streblow: The Fourth of July, Independence Day, just passed, so what better way to wrap up this week’s show than to have a citizen of Her Majesty, the Queen on with us – Canadian Matt Falk!

Matt Falk: I should clear something up before we go on, Daren… we let you Americans win. See, we’re so polite that half-way through the war of 1776, we were like, “If these guys loose, it’s really going to damage morale over there. So, we poured a little tea, we took a vote, and decided, “Let’s let them have this one.”

We honestly didn’t think you guys would make it as a country, so kudos to you!

Daren: I gotta tell you… this is a really different story than what they teach us in our American classrooms.

Matt: Well, history can be altered by textbooks, as we all know.

Daren: So, tell me about your latest project Generational Gap. I’m guessing you discuss the various differences between the generations of our culture?

Matt: Exactly. You got it. Titles of Things and What They Mean on the next Geraldo!

Daren: Now, I’ve noticed that each older generation has a long list of complaints about the generations that follow them:

  • They’re lazy
  • They’re entitled
  • They’re wild
  • They’re weird
  • They listen to brain-damaged music

And younger generations counter with one criticism that trumps everything their elders might list off:

  • They’re old!

Mic. Drop.

Matt: Yeah, I get that. In fact, I approached this whole subject from a somewhat bitter perspective to begin with. Because, I am a millennial and the only thing I’ve ever heard from baby boomers has been complaints about my generation.

Daren: Now, that’s not fair. Generation X’ers complain about you, too!

Matt: That’s true. There are a whole lot of people who complain about us. But here’s my point: I’ve heard it said before that, “The person who complains about a generation forgets about the generation who raised them.”

So, I think that we have a lot more in common than we are willing to initially admit.

Then again, there are some distinctive differences: from the way we act online; to the way we sleep. Baby boomers are phenomenal nappers!

My theory is this: The older you get, the better you become at napping. Until, eventually you get so good at it that you simply don’t wake up.

That’s the ultimate goal – to sleep forever!

Check out Matt Falk. He’s got a great website and a great career. Make sure that you’re updated with his work at (or you older generations can find him on Google Play)

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