Unorthodox Violence & Redemption: An Interview with John Hintz (part 2)

Unorthodox Violence & Redemption: An Interview with John Hintz (part 2) July 17, 2017

Welcome back!

This week is actually part two of my conversation with my buddy, John Hintz. If you didn’t catch part 1, I really recommend you go check it out. Last week, we covered John’s life from his childhood up through around the age of 25.

And, this week, we talk about the part of John’s story where he realized that God was there. As John says himself, “This is my God Story”.John Hintz's story of redemption from abuse, alcohol and depression

Then, as we hear more and more of John’s life, we see how God shows up and everything kinda comes together, culminating to what He is doing now through John… it’s amazing!

If you have ever looked at your own life and thought, “I have no idea how God can ever use me”, then you need to hear the conclusion of John’s story and hear how God took a crazy, broken story and uses it for powerful change in many, many people’s lives.

We’re talking about abuse, alcohol, disease, suicide, and so much more… when it comes to growing God’s kingdom, God is greater than all that and more!

One of John’s favorite verses is Proverbs 27:17:

As iron sharpens iron,
    so a friend sharpens a friend.

And, as John’s friend, I can attest that this guy is sharp!

Check it out!


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