Brad Stine Has Issues: BSN – The Brad Stine Network Home Shopping Channel!

Brad Stine Has Issues: BSN – The Brad Stine Network Home Shopping Channel! March 16, 2018

BSN – Brad Stine Network Home Shopping Channel!

From Hose Water, to Duct Tape, to Cardboard Boxxe… Americans will purchase anything today, so long as it’s presented as the cool thing to buy!Brad Stine Network Home Shopping Channel!

The hard truth is that, as a culture, we have taken commercialism to all new heights (or lows, depending on your persuasion).

And, contrary to what many would like to believe, Christians are no different. Sure, we preach that we are sacrificial, putting the needs of others first, focusing on what really matters in life in accordance to God’s will… but we still fall into the traps of getting what we want when we want it as quickly as anyone. Very few of us would ever pass the Stanford Marshmallow Experiment on Self Control.

All this to say…

When we look at this video and see what’s available, see if you’re not quick to pick up your phone and log onto our website to get your Deluxe Family Kit right away!

Operators are standing by!

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