Simply Joyful Podcast: Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our Children with Ainsley Earhardt

Simply Joyful Podcast: Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our Children with Ainsley Earhardt March 15, 2018

Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our Children

Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our ChildrenOur guest today is none other than Ainsley Earhardt. I’ve been following Ainsley’s career for a while now. She’s a journalist and the co-host of Fox and Friends on the National Fox News Network. I remember watching Ainsley years ago when she was still very new to Fox News. One thing that I always remembered and that stood out to me was that she was so genuine. I am so thrilled to have her on the podcast today! She has quite a God-story that I cannot wait for you to hear.

Ainsley shares the story about her journey into motherhood. The majority of my listeners are moms and everyone will probably agree that motherhood is not always easy. But many of us tend to forget that the journey into motherhood can be equally as difficult.

I can’t wait for you to listen in to my conversation with Ainsley and hear the story behind her new book Through Your Eyes

A “Simply Joyful” tip from Ainsley

Cut out the things you don’t really want to do or have to do. —Ainsley Earhardt (CLICK TO TWEET)

Highlights from This Show…

  • I told Ainsley that I’ve always loved the name “Ainsley.” She shares that it’s actually a family name.Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our Children
  • Being the morning anchor on Fox News, she has to get up ridiculously early for her morning show! But the commute is easy that early…even in New York.
  • It was fun to learn about what a typical morning looks like for her — way earlier than I’m ever up! Ha! It was great to learn all about her morning routine for preparing for the morning show. I will say that she had me at the fact that someone else does her hair and make-up.
  • I asked Ainsley to share about how it is being a Christian in a field that is typically so hostile to Christianity. She talked about John 16:33.
  • I also really enjoyed hearing about how God has opened so many doors for Ainsley through the years. I love that she fully understands the amazing opportunity that God has given her to be used by Him on such a national level. It’s pretty incredible. She’s not shy about her faith.
  • Like so many of us, Ainsley tried to have a plan when it came to having a baby.
  • We talked about her miscarriage and how she learned to trust God through the heartache.
  • While pregnant with Hayden, Ainsley wrote her first book, Take Heart My Child. The story behind how it came about was so sweet — and a great tribute to her dad.Experiencing Joy Through the Eyes of Our Children
  • Ainsley’s new children’s book is so sweet, Through Your Eyes
  • We had fun talking about how often we are surprised by our children’s delights. Even the mundane to us is fascinating to them.
  • It’s easy for me to turn off the news when tragic stories come on. Yet, it’s Ainsley’s job to report on them. She shares about how she deals with overwhelming news — and how her Fox and Friends morning show tries to keep their news segments family friendly since they know many people have the TV in the morning with kids in the room.
  • I couldn’t end our time together without asking Ainsley about who her favorite people have been to interview. It was cute hearing her reaction to interviewing Garth Brooks.

At what age do we stop paying attention to the little things? —Ainsley Earhardt (CLICK TO TWEET)

There’s grace and hope. God has saved my life. —Ainsley Earhardt (CLICK TO TWEET)

God has taken my wheel. He is driving my car. —Ainsley Earhardt (CLICK TO TWEET)

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Connect with Ainsley Earhardt…

Ainsley Earhardt is a journalist who is the co-host of FOX and Friends. Earhardt is an anchor and correspondent for the Fox News Channel and Earhardt also reports for FOX’s The Sean Hannity Show with her own segment called “Ainsley Across America.” She was the former co-host for Fox & Friends First and has also co-hosted FOX and Friends Weekend, FOX’s All-American New Year’s Eve, America’s News Headquarters, been a panelist on The Live Desk and appeared on Greg Gutfeld’s Red Eye.

You can check out Ainsley Earhardt HERE on Amazon! Be sure to visit the site as well at

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