The Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week: Abby Johnson, Planned Parenthood and abortion

The Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week: Abby Johnson, Planned Parenthood and abortion June 28, 2019

Abby Johnson talks about abortion and her experience working at Planned Parenthood. How God opened her eyes and what her new calling is.

Abby Johnson, abortion and Planned Parenthood

Who nailed it for this week? Well, since we’re on a roll with controversial subjects, I thought this week we’d highlight abortion. And if there’s a Christian in this country to whom God has granted the high ground on this issue, it’s Abby Johnson. It’s her courage and testimony, both spiritual and legal, that is challenging the status quo on this barbaric practice. We need to hear what she has to say.

I’m Joel Fieri, Executive Producer of Christian Podcast Central. And this is “The Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week”

Abby Johnson Planned ParenthoodIf you’ve seen the recent film “Unplanned”, you know Abby Johnson’s story. A former Planned Parenthood clinic director who, by her own admission, encouraged and even manipulated young women to have abortions, Abby’s life and heart were turned around one day when she witnessed first hand the on-screen ultra-sound horror of a baby struggling to survive as an abortionists tools tore it’s tiny body apart. Since then she has dedicated her life to the pro-life cause and to defunding Planned Parenthood. Earlier this year, that commitment and calling brought her before the Kentucky State Senate in support of SB 9, known as the “Heartbeat Bill”. In her testimony, Abby debunked and basically destroyed the arguments of those opposed to the bill as only someone who has been inside the belly of the abortion beast can. Her testimony (which also contains edited vignettes of pro-choice women who opposed the bill) is posted here, please watch and share!

What stands out most in Abby Johnson’s testimony is her absolute fearlessness in the face of very hostile and threatening opposition. She states in no uncertain terms what her role was in the abortion machinery of Planned Parenthood, what turned her heart around, and most importantly what actually happens in clinics every day, refuting the lies and manipulations of the pro-abortion side. She even throws in a compelling scientific and historical arguments against abortion that on their own would be worthy of a podcast. But she doesn’t stop there. Most impressively, she offers to those who are part of the abortion industry the same healing grace that God offered her. She doesn’t do this awkwardly or timidly. It’s offered boldly, as if she knows how badly the women she’s offering this grace to want it and need it. But then again she does know the hearts of these women. Some of their hearts are hardened, as the testimony of the women opposing the bill shows. But there are so many more hearts that are hurting, and therefore open to hearing that they can have healing. Abby ends her testimony by encouraging those women who’ve had abortions to seek that healing, and those who work in the abortion industry to come work with her ministry, And Then There Were None

The video ends with the passing of SB 9, the Heartbeat Bill. A victory for life no doubt, and a reason to rejoice. But in the video, a representative of the Kentucky ACLU promised to file a lawsuit immediately if the law was passed. That lawsuit was filed, and of course a judge has blocked the law from being instituted because of it. So this particular fight is not over, and neither is the larger battle for the sanctity of life that we’re fighting, or at least should be fighting. Too many of us are standing on the sidelines, too timid or indifferent or even frightened to speak out. We’re not all Abby Johnson, to be sure. But there are others out there in the pubic square and in cyber space who are just as qualified, courageous and grace-filled as she is. They’re not as public, but they are saving unborn lives and are offering healing to women who have been victims of the lies and manipulations of the abortion industry. Find them please, and support them! Look up your local crisis pregnancy center. They’ll know exactly how you can help.

Thanks to the courage and boldness of Abby Johnson, we’ve been given a model by which, with just a little courage and boldness, and a lot of God’s grace, we can win the battle for life! That has GOT to be the Best Thing You’ll Hear This Week.

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