Sovereign Artsakh: Azerbaijan Buys the Bidens | Azerbaijan Complicity in American Political Corruption

Sovereign Artsakh: Azerbaijan Buys the Bidens | Azerbaijan Complicity in American Political Corruption December 29, 2020

Azerbaijan Buys the Bidens | Azerbaijan Complicity in American Political Corruption

What will a Biden Presidency bring for Armenia and Artsakh, and for truth and justice around the world?

All right, at the end of this video, I’m going to talk a little bit more about where I get my news sources. You know – who I rely on, what voices I listen to. I want to be upfront and open – full disclosure – I mean, I read a lot of sources; and when I do these videos, you can see where I show you the sources, etc.. At the end of this, I’m going to talk about three sources that I listen to – investigative journalists, etc..

But I am going to talk about what’s in store if Joe Biden assumes the Presidency. 

How many of you know this guy? This is Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City, who’s known as the enemy of crime families. He dramatically reduced the crime in New York City when he was Mayor, and now it’s gone back up. He’s also a huge Trump supporter. He’s President Trump’s personal attorney and he’s been investigating the corruption of the Biden crime family. 

The potential incoming President Joe Biden is compromised by business dealings with China through his son. And, in this video that he put out on December 16th, he’s reading from documents that he’s procured from Hunter Biden’s laptop that proves – or is very strong evidence – for this compromise. 

Now, we’re talking about Azerbaijan, Turkey and Armenia. It’s on my radar all the time. So, I was watching this update of what he’s talking about. And, right here at 19:46 into this video titled, “Joe Biden: Top of the Biden Crime Family Totem Pole”, episode 94, Rudy Guiliani says:

“This is in writing. This is dated May 13, 2017, and it lays out the remuneration package. ‘Who’s going to get paid by the Chinese Communists?’ That’s basically it. And first of all, they’re going to get paid through Azerbaijan and Luxembourg – just a little detail.”

All right, so I was watching this and I heard Rudy say that. And what he’s reading is Joe Biden – or his son – they’ve gone into business with a Chinese Communist leader – a person who represents a business, but is tied to the Chinese Communist Party. And they were going in on a 50/50 deal that the Biden family would own half of the business and the Chinese Communist contact would own the other half. And there’s a breakdown of percentages of who specifically, and Hunter, gets this percentage and Joe Biden’s brother, Jim gets a percentage, and even Joe Biden’s sister-in-law, Sarah Biden gets a percentage. And then it says, “…ten held for the big guy.” Which, there’s testimony that “big guy” refers to Joe Biden. And they’re getting paid. The Communist money is going through Azerbaijan and Luxembourg, but he mentions Azerbaijan. And I’ve talked about China’s dealings in the past. China has invested heavily – over a billion dollars – in Azerbaijan. And so, Joe Biden is compromised by China and getting paid through one of China’s business partners, Azerbaijan.

It doesn’t bode well.

I’m not saying that Joe Biden… well I guess I AM saying that  Joe Biden can’t be objective in this conflict between Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. But, the most frightening thing, which i pointed out in the past, is this right here: that this handshake happened on April 24th!

Azerbaijan Buys the BidensAgain, if you’re Armenian, you understand what that date is. And these things don’t happen by accident. There are 365 days in the year. Sure, maybe, I think there’s an outside chance it was coincidental that Xi Jinping shows up with Ilham Aliev and shakes hands in some business deal: We’re investing in you on this most important date to Azeri’s arch enemies. This is an important date to the enemies of Turkey and Azerbaijan. April 24th – the beginning of the Armenian Genocide. Every year, Armenian businesses and schools take a national holiday to commemorate the beginning of the Armenian Genocide on April 24, 1915. And here, Xi Jinping shows up that day to seal a deal with a handshake – on the day of his enemies commemoration.

Here’s another thing: Now, if Joe Biden doesn’t end up being President, it won’t be for long. He won’t live out his first term. First of all, if Biden is sworn in on January 20, these investigations are going to continue into Joe Biden. And, it won’t just be the Republicans or the Trump supporters pursuing it. Joe Biden has enemies in his own party. In particular, the Progressives –  the Kamala Harris side of the party, the left leaning members of the Democrat party –  will be very thrilled to have the first woman President, Kamala Harris. In fact, look at this: If Kamala Harris becomes President, and this is something published by Osbor, an Armenian newspaper in Los angeles, and this is on December 5, 2020. “Kamala Harris hires advisors with ties to Turkey and Azerbaijan.” So, under a Kamala Harris presidency, this woman, Nancy McEldowney, is going to be Kamala Harris’s National Security Advisor. She worked in Turkey and Azerbaijan. Here’s the dates: from 2005-2008, she was in Turkey. And from 2001 to 2004 she was in Azerbaijan. So, National Security Advisor – you can have somebody that’s

involved in foreign affairs from anywhere, specializing in anywhere, but these are the ones that Kamala Harris has chosen?

Again, maybe this is cherry-picked, but it’s being brought to our attention now. And, you can read this article. It goes through what Joe Biden has said: He has opposed Erdogan, etc., and politicians say the right things at the right time; but who knows? That’s the thing with Joe Biden – you don’t know what he believes. He has turned his back on many of his beliefs from the past. We really don’t know who’s in control. Maybe, these people are in control, or Kamala Harris is in control.

That’s just my overview of what could be coming with a Joe Biden presidency. Joe Biden’s compromise and Kamala Harris has advisors from Azerbaijan and Turkey. 

I can’t predict the future, but I can just report and let you come to your own conclusions.

Now, for what I promised earlier: I’m just going to go over three people – three investigative journalists that I rely upon in my spare time when I’m driving and not recording – I’m also getting updates. One of them is this guy: Tim Poole. This guy has a couple of Youtube channels, and I watch one or two videos of his a day. And, what he does is, he just reads news articles. He used to be an on-the-ground reporter. This is from an article in Sweden when he went to investigate immigration there. He’s a “boots on the ground” investigative reporter, who said because he gets recognized too much when he goes out, he has switched his tactics. He has people that go out on the ground, but now he just reads multiple sources. He checks those that are news guard certified, trustworthy sources. And Tim Poole thinks Biden has a 99.9% chance of being sworn in. So, his views are center-left. He’s considered “right”, because he disagrees with some of the things on the left, but he’s done a survey. You can do it, too. And, it will tell you what your views are. He’s center-left. I disagree with him on certain things. For example, he used to be anti-Second Amendment, now he’s pro-Second Amendment. So, his views have changed on certain things. But he is still considered center-left.

Then there’s this guy – Joshua Phillip. He’s an investigative journalist and he focuses mostly on Chinese crime. He also focuses on technology and espionage. So, this guy, Joshua Phillip, is a reporter with the Epoch Times. He’s on the other extreme. He’s considered far right. And, I’ll even read a comment on a website that kind of bashes him. But, I watch him once a day. And, he does a one-hour news update. And he’s 80-90% certain that Trump will get a second term.

So, you’ve got Tim Poole who covers everything, and he’s anti-corruption, anti-fraud, etc.. But, he’s like looking at things. Maybe he’s jaded. Maybe he’s soured. He just knows that we have this machine in government that nobody has the will power – a lot of judges aren’t taking and listening to cases because they don’t want to be attacked. They’ve been threatened, and so based on that, he doesn’t think anything that Trump’s going to do will succeed. Or, any of these challenges to the election will succeed. Joshua Phillip, on the other hand, is connecting him. He’s hearing from the inside – he’s got contacts – and he’s not really confident, even as the clock is ticking. Tim Poole says it’s a 99.9% chance Biden will be President. It’s just a feeling. He’s basing that on its similarity with Josh. He’ll say, “I’m 80 to 90 percent certain it’ll be a second Trump Presidency.” 

Again, that’s a feeling. 

So, they’re researching and listening to different people, and that’s why I listen to both of them. It’s like I don’t know what to believe. And, I know what I feel should happen doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. So, it is a question on quora – this website – Joshua Phillip of the heavily advertised Epoch Times purports to be an award-winning investigative reporter; but none I see are listed. Can anyone find such awards? So, this lady found his awards and he did win an award from the Conservative Phyllis Schlafly Eagles – an award that was also given to Roger Stone – and then he got second place in something for the best news or feature series from the New York Post Association. 

Well, this guy, Buy Campbell,  really nails Josh Phillips. He says, “The Epoch Times is a Chinese-backed, far-right-wing conspiracy theory propaganda website trying to destroy democracy in America. It spends more money on Trump ads than Trump and has even been banned from Facebook for creating fake sock puppet accounts, pretending to be American, but actually run from various foreign countries like Vietnam. Joshua Phillips is yet another scummy, treasonous little scumbag who deserves to spend eternity burning in hell for his putrid lies.”

So, we should rely on this guy’s opinion of Josh because of that last line in particular: “…he’s a little scumbag who deserves to spend eternity burning in hell for his putrid lies.”

If you ever listen to Josh, he is even keeled and mild-mannered, and he just reports. I mean, he editorializes and gives his opinion, but it’s an educated opinion. And the fact that The Epoch Times is Chinese-backed? Well The Epoch Times was started by Christians in China to expose their own government. So, of course they’re backed by ethnic Chinese who want to rescue their country from communism.

So, enough about that. Then, the other guy I listen to… I don’t watch Fox News, but I do watch Fox News, because I watch Tucker Carlson. He’s the only guy I can really tolerate on that channel. You may think he’s bombastic. But this guy is not afraid to buck the system. And, he makes me laugh.

So, there you go. I try to watch Tucker every night. I watch Tim Poole every day. Josh Phillips every day. Then I’ll do some reading. So there. I’m exposing my bias where I lean. I just want to be open and honest.

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