Sovereign Artsakh: New Year Message to Armenia from US Ambassador Inspires My Rant

Sovereign Artsakh: New Year Message to Armenia from US Ambassador Inspires My Rant January 4, 2021

New Year Message to Armenia from US Ambassador Inspires My Rant

It’s true. I do look more and more haggard every time you see me.

It’s because I haven’t shaved in a couple days due to all this mask wearing. I don’t need to shave. At work, nobody sees my face. But, I’ll probably be clean-shaven next time you see me.

In a couple hours from the recording of this, 2020 will be gone forever. It will be in the history books – and oh what a history we are leaving behind!

And oh, what a future we are looking forward to.

New Year Message to Armenia from US Ambassador Inspires My RantSo, I went to work today and I noticed the US Ambassador to Armenia – I don’t know her name – 

but, she made a Happy New Year statement to the people of Armenia. And, it was nice words:

Happy New Year.

The problem with that expression is the word “Happy”. It’s like,well, this last year wasn’t that happy. And we don’t really even have any idea what’s in store for us in this new year. So, I guess there’s happiness that such an awful year is behind us.

But, to hear the US Ambassador – I get mixed emotions…

What the heck has the USA done for Armenia and Artsakh this year? Well, I think Pompeo has done some good. And our President has said the right things. But there’s still this big question mark: Is Joe Biden going to be the President? Is Donald Trump going to be the President?

I’m looking at the big picture, from a God’s eye view. I have a view of the future that is optimistic. If you lived 500 years ago and you looked at what we experienced today – if you had a glimpse of what we experienced today – people will be like, “That’s incredible! The future is incredible! You sit in vehicles that move. You just push a pedal, and they move. And you can communicate with people anywhere on the planet. You can see them!” 

They’d be like, “The future’s incredible!” And there are other things. For example, before this pandemic, poverty was evaporating. Poverty was actually disappearing. The poverty rate had been cut in half. Like, people living under the poverty rate had been cut in half within the past

20 years. The environment was greener – like, five percent greener in the past ten years. 

So, all of this environmental conservation and attention to the environment – as we use it, we’re supposed to use the environment, but we shouldn’t abuse it. We should burn coal until we can get the entire world’s population up out of poverty; because it’s the cheapest fuel. (I won’t go on that rant) But, technology reduces pollution. So, if you can get the third world countries up to a level of technology where they’re advanced – and you’re going to have to burn some oil and coal to do it – you get them to that point; and then, naturally, the burning of oil and coal diminishes because technology becomes more pervasive. Technology reduces the need for fossil fuels. You don’t eliminate fossil fuels because you’re destroying the world. No, you get human consumption to a level where it will naturally diminish. But, if you ban fossil fuels, you’re condemning humans to death. The poorest nations suffer the most. And that’s actually their agenda. Some people believe it’s best to have less people on the planet. They believe you just have to let them die. You have to kill them.


That’s one way that you can fix what we’re doing to the planet. It’s sick. It is a sick mentality. Humans, as they advance and innovate, become greener. The planet is greener today than it was ten years ago. 

So, I have this view of the future: If you go back 500 years ago, and if they could see us today, they’d say, “Wow. The future’s incredible!” And, I believe ten years from today, there will be incredible things happening. But, the geopolitics will have to correct itself. I believe China – the communist dictatorship – is going to collapse in on itself. I believe that Turkey and Azerbaijan, and their power grab…

It’s just transparent – it’s like, you can’t hide it anymore. And, as people pay attention, those power grabs, because of information technology, majority sentiment will force issues. People will start realizing, “Oh, we’ve been lied to. And then, what’s the truth if we’ve been lied to?” People start realizing when they’re lied to. There is a truth out there and they seek it. That’s just the natural tendency. Once you see truth you can’t look away.

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